Rocketfuel Coffee Hawaiian Kona – An uncomplicated coffee with a sweet, mellow taste.

Rocketfuel Coffee offers a range of excellent coffees, one of which is Hawaiian Kona.

Kona coffee beans are grown on the big island of Hawaii.

Grown in hard-packed volcanic rock, with near-perfect weather conditions, the coffee trees in the Kona area produce the highest yield of beans in the world.

Rocketfuel Hawaiian Kona coffee is sweet and smooth.

Always, we tasted the coffee black after first letting it cool a little.

Kona coffee is renowned for being sweet, with a simple taste profile, and just a touch pungent.

That’s what we tasted. This isn’t a coffee with a complex taste, but the sweetness is there along with that slightly pungent bite on the tongue.

What do we mean by pungent? It is the term used by coffee cuppers to designate a slight bitterness. Not to an unpleasant degree. Just a hint. In fact, it’s the slight bitterness that gives coffee its unique flavor.

Although the taste is mellowed somewhat by the addition of cream, the taste still comes through. And while the taste profile may be uncomplex and simple, this is very far from being “ordinary tasting”.

It’s a wonderful coffee and we can certainly recommend it.

One other point worth mentioning is that this Rocketfuel coffee is 100% Kona.

You have to be careful. There is an enormous amount of skullduggery at play when you scratch the surface of the Kona coffee industry.

First, there are constant legal battles over the right to use the Kona name. This lines the pockets of the lawyers, but does nothing to reassure buyers that they are getting what they think they are getting.

Often, when you think you are buying Kona coffee, what you are really getting is a small amount of Kona, with the balance coming Kauai, or even South America.

When you get your bag of Rocketfuel Hawaiian Kona coffee you’ll find that it has the 100% seal on the front. So you know it’s the real thing.

You can learn more about Rocketfuel Coffee here....

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