Café Carmel Cream from The Coffee Beanery – a wonderful, sweet brew with just a hint of caramel.

First, a big thank you to The Coffee Beanery for sending us some samples of their coffees. Their Café Carmel Cream is the second one we tried.

Usually, we’re not big fans of flavored coffee. We find that most of the time the subtleties of the coffee are lost, hijacked by an over-flavored smack to the taste buds.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Café Carmel Cream coffee.

Café Carmel Cream is a mild coffee, subtly flavored and with plenty of character.

We ground the beans, brewed the grinds immediately and let the coffee cool for a couple of minutes.

My partner’s first, and decidedly non-technical response was, “I’m in love with this coffee!”

Interestingly, the caramel flavor comes over stronger in the aroma than it does in the taste.

Once you taste it you realize what a wonderful job the Coffee Beanery roasters have done. Unlike with many flavored coffees, where the flavor overwhelms the coffee, with Café Carmel Cream the flavor is just an added accent to an already wonderful coffee.

We wouldn’t choose this as our early-morning wake-up coffee, but it's going to be a big hit in this house from the second cup on.

We also found it to be the perfect match for some of our home made almond biscotti. Great combo!

You can buy this Café Carmel Cream at The Coffee Beanery....

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