C&C Specialty Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain – A remarkable coffee that anyone can enjoy.

The folks at C&C Specialty Coffee were kind enough to send us a whole pound of their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Thanks guys! We’re loving it.

Whether it’s the altitude, the weather, the soil or a combination of all three, Blue Mountain Jamaica coffee has a unique taste and is coveted by true coffee lovers.

It is grown only at the eastern end of the Island of Jamaica, north of Kingston.

The mountains reach their highest point at the Blue Mountain Peak, rising 7,402 feet above sea level. This high altitude along with cool, misty weather results in the coffee beans taking longer to mature – up to 10 months from bloom to harvest...twice as long as most growing regions.

Whatever the magic, the result is one of the world’s very finest coffees.

C&C Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee more than lives up to our high expectations...

As always when tasting a new coffee, we make a brew and drink it black. We’re not professional cuppers, but we do take our coffee tasting seriously.

As with any Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, one has high expectations. And the C&C roast didn’t disappoint.

The funny thing about a quality Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is that it is hard to describe. It isn’t acidic, and it isn’t particularly strong in its taste, or weak. In fact, most of the ways in which one generally describes coffee are of little use.

This coffee is about a harmonious balance of subtle flavors that claim the space between extremes. Nothing jumps out at you, because its full and rich range of flavors and aromas all work together.

It is mellow, but not the least bit bland. A full range of flavors are there – but none jump out, and none are lost.

Put simply, this is close to a perfect cup. Its character is understated across the full range of tastes, but the total taste experience is wonderful, and unforgettable.

This C&C roast is 100%, Grade 1.

You can learn more about C&C Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee here....

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