Community Coffee Dark Roast – A dark roasted coffee that is surprisingly smooth and rich.

This dark roast coffee was sent to us by Community Coffee, a Louisiana-based family company which has been roasting coffee for 88 years now.

We’re delighted that Community Coffee sent us some samples, as some of our readers have been raving about their coffee in the Q&A area.

This is the second of their coffees we have tried, and our favorite so far.

Community Coffee Dark Roast is both strong and smooth.

We brewed a small cup of black coffee for tasting, and immediately loved it.

This isn’t objective observation as we both share the same preference in coffee. That is to say, we like it strong, but not bitter, full-bodied and with a reasonable complexity in its flavors.

The Community Coffee Dark Roast fits the bill on all counts. We love the fact that it has a strong, dark taste without too much bite to the tongue or palate. If it is possible for coffee to have a dark strength, but still be smooth and sweet, this coffee is where you will find it.

For us, it’s the perfect early morning blend. Just right for the first cup of the day.

You can learn more about Community Coffee Dark Roast here....

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