Community Coffee House Blend – A unique taste that is smooth, but also tickles your mouth with a bitter tingle.

Community Coffee is based in Louisiana and the family behind the company has been roasting coffee for 88 years now.

We’re delighted that Community Coffee sent us some samples, as some of our readers have been raving about their coffee in the Q&A area.

We will be reviewing three of their coffees, and the first one we opened up was a bag of their ground Private Reserve House Blend.

Community Coffee House Blend is certainly unique

Always, we tasted the coffee black after first letting it cool a little.

The first sip made us raise our eyebrows a little. Others have raved about this coffee being very smooth. All too often “smooth” can be taken to mean ordinary and unexciting.

Not so with this house blend.

Yes, it is smooth and pleasant. But it is quite unique in its taste. There is a pinch of acidity there. Not unpleasant, but it catches the roof of your mouth and lingers for a while.

When you add cream and maybe a touch of sugar, that acidity is subdued a little, the smoothness dominates, but you still feel something extra and unusual in the taste.

My tasting partner spoke of the acidity in terms of orange peel – sweet, bitter, pleasant.

The magic must be in the roasting and in the selection of beans themselves, which are a blend from Colombia and Brazil.

You can learn more about Community Coffee House Blend here...

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