Piko's Peaberry – a Doi Chaang estate coffee from Northern Thailand.

Before even talking about the Piko's Peaberry coffee, it's worth learning a little about Doi Chaang.

Doi Chaang coffee is an estate coffee cultivated and processed by a group of families in Doi Chaang village, set in Northern Thailand's Golden Triangle.

A while back the growers became fed up with selling to middlemen and finding their wonderful beans being blended with low quality coffees grown elsewhere. So now they process, roast and market their own coffees direct.

As a result, you can enjoy the unique taste of their coffees, unadulterated, and roasted to perfection.

They were kind enough to send us some samples and the first we tried was their Piko's Peaberry.

Piko's Peaberry – a rare, seasonal and delicious peaberry coffee.

Peaberry coffee is made from "pea berries". Most coffee berries contain two coffee beans. Which is why coffee beans have a curved side and an almost flat side. Occasionally coffee berries have just one bean per berry. These are smaller, without a flat side and contain a wonderful, concentrated flavor.

We tried Piko's Peaberry black first, with no cream or sugar.

The bean has a natural sweetness to it, so we ended up finishing our tasting cups without bothering to add any cream or sugar.

It is very full-bodied and has the kind of rich, bold taste we usually associate with darker-roasted, almost bitter coffees.

With Piko's Peaberry, we got all the flavor of a "strong" coffee, but with no hint of bitterness at all.

It really is a great coffee, quite unlike anything we have tasted before. A confident, full, rich taste...but teasing us with a natural sweetness and a broad variety of flavors at the same time.


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