What are "dual coffee makers"?

Good question. If you do a search for dual coffee makers on Google or some other search engine, you'll come up with quite a mixture of different results.

For some, it can mean a coffee maker and espresso maker combined. These are great coffee machines for when you want your daily coffee, but also want to treat yourself to an espresso or cappuccino from time to time.

A good example of this kind of machine is the Mr. Coffee ECM21 4-Shot Espresso Machine and 8-Cup Coffeemaker.

Sometimes when people are using the term "dual coffee maker" what they are really looking for is a regular coffee maker that fills two travel mugs or two separate carafes.

An example of the two-mug coffee maker is the Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffeemaker.

Finally, an example of a dual coffee maker with two separate carafes is the Kitchen Selectives Dual Carafe Coffeemaker .

These are great for home or a small office where two people like different types of coffee. For example, maybe you like flavored coffee and your partner doesn't.

Dual coffee maker is a term that certainly causes a fair amount of confusion.

Job one is to figure out which kind of "dual coffee maker" you are looking for.

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