Rocketfuel Coffee El Socorro – a very high quality coffee, with a delightfully complex flavor.

We love getting coffee to review from - because they specialize in just the best coffees out there, like this El Socorro from Guatemala.

This is an exceptional coffee in many ways (with a price to match).

El Socorro coffee is a Rainforest Certified Organic Coffee, grown by Juan Diego de la Cerda in El Socorro y Anexos, Guatemala.

It is also the winner of the prestigious Presidential Award Cup of Excellence.

The fact that this coffee is grown on a single estate means there are very limited supplies. This scarcity, combined with the quality of the coffee, means that you won’t find this at your corner store, and you’ll pay more than you do for regular coffees.

But it’s worth it.

One thing most high-end coffees have in common is that they don’t have to raise their voices to be heard. They don’t have to be very strong, very acidic, very nutty or very fruity.

This is certainly the case with El Socorro.

It has a definite fruity flavor, but it isn’t overwhelming. It has a touch of acidity, but without too much bite.

El Socorro is a medium-roasted coffee which blends a variety of flavors and tones, with none of them dominant, and all them working well together in concert.

In its taste, El Socorro offers both complexity and harmony. That’s what makes it so unusual and pleasing to the palate.

One thing though – the most recent crop to go through auction is now pretty much sold out, worldwide.

Update: Ooops, looks like it's no longer available. But check out the other coffees at

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