Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from The Coffee Beanery – a light roasted delight with a wealth of flavors.

First, a big thank you to The Coffee Beanery for sending us some samples of their coffees. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is the first one we tried.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is famous the world over, and not only because Ethiopia is the original source of all the world’s coffees.

Yirgacheffe coffees are not all the same. Local growing conditions, the processing and the roasting can all have an impact.

This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is light-roasted, revealing some wonderful flavors.

We ground the beans, brewed the grinds immediately and let the coffee cool for a few minutes.

The first sip told us this is a wonderful coffee.

Here is the thing about light-roasted coffees: there is nowhere to hide. When you have an indifferent bean you can mask its mediocrity by dark roasting the beans. Instantly you have a nice “strong” coffee.

With light-roasting, you expose every strength and weakness of the coffee.

The wonderful thing with what The Coffee Beanery roasters have done with their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is that when the curtains are parted, the range and subtleties of the flavors are truly wonderful.

This is a mild coffee, clean and full-bodied, with absolutely no hint of bitterness. You’ll feel it fill your mouth, but without any harsh bite.

This coffee probably isn’t for everyone. If you want a really strong cup of Joe, it won’t fit the bill.

But if you enjoy a light roast, revealing many subtle aromas and flavors, we think you’ll love it.

You can buy this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe at The Coffee Beanery....

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