Flavored coffee pods – anything from Irish Cream to Blueberry Cobbler

Flavored coffee pods are not in short supply.

That’s one of the advantages of owning a single cup coffee maker that uses pods, rather than other single-cup formats like K-Cups (Keurig) or T-Discs (Tassimo).

Coffee pods are simple to make, are being produced by numerous suppliers, and most of them can be used across a variety of different pod brewers.

As a result, you can choose from a wide range of coffee pods for your brewer, including flavored pods.

Where can you find all these different flavored pods?

To make the search a little simpler (and to save you a few dollars), we have put together an Amazon.com page featuring just flavored coffee pods .

What kind of flavors are available?

As we mentioned, there appears to be no shortage of choices when it comes to pods.

Here are just some of the flavors we have found listed, all them available in coffee pods.

French Vanilla - Hazelnut - Irish Cream - Cinnamon - Mocha Cinnamon - Blueberry - Brownie Toffee Crunch - Caramel Fudge - Mint - Swiss Chocolate Almond - Chocolate Raspberry - Kahlua Crème.

And, of course, the more popular flavors like Vanilla and Hazelnut come in a host of different variations.

One last advantage of having a coffee pod brewer...

The nice thing about using coffee pods is that you make just one cup at a time.

Consider your neighbor making an entire pot of Brownie Toffee Crunch flavored coffee. It could get to be a little too much after the first two cups.

But with coffee pods you can buy a variety of different flavors, along with some regular blends, and make just one cup of whatever kind you want, whenever you want.

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