CoffeeAM India Mysore Gold Nuggets – a unique and complex coffee grown among the gold mines of India.

First, a big thanks to CoffeeAM for sending us a box of their coffees to sample.

This is the first time we have had some of CoffeeAM’s coffees to try and, of the various bags they sent us, we just had to try the India Mysore first.

After all, how often do you see an Indian coffee on the shelves of your local supermarket?

First, let’s look at the name - India Mysore Gold Nuggets. Mysore is the name of the district, in South West India, where the coffee is grown. And the name Gold Nuggets comes from the fact that many of India’s gold mines are located in the same area.

Now for the taste.

A light-roasted coffee, this India Mysore has a soft bitter-sweet flavor that is quite unique.

As always when tasting, we ground the beans fresh from the bag, brewed one cup and tasted it black.

Tasting a light-roasted coffee is always interesting, because it usually means you going to get either a fairly weak and uninteresting taste profile, or some truly distinct and delightful tones.

This India Mysore falls into the latter group. The sign of a quality coffee.

At first, my tasting partner and I couldn’t quite agree. She said, “It has a mildly bitter taste.” And I said, “No, that’s not bitter. That’s sweet.” It turns out we were both right. After a few more sips we agreed that the slight bitterness and sweetness filled our mouths together, like two musical instruments playing the same note at the same time.

There is also a mildly earthy or nutty quality in there, and a touch of fruit.

Overall, the taster profile is unique, quite unlike the almost ubiquitous South or Central American coffees most people have in their kitchens.

If you love coffee, and like to try quality coffees with unique taste profiles, you should certainly try this India Mysore.

Definitely recommended.

You can learn more about CoffeeAM India Mysore Gold Nuggets coffee here....

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