Kenya AA – now available as an Extra Bold K-Cup coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

This new Kenya AA is one of the new Extra Bold K-Cup coffees from Green Mountain Coffee.

What is an “Extra Bold” K-Cup coffee? It’s a K-Cup with about 20% more coffee in the cup.

Extra Bold K-Cups are perfect for anyone who likes a more intense brew, or if you are using one of the larger brew size options on the Keurig B60 or Keurig B70.

This Kenya AA is very special, coming from one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in the world.

Coffee farmers in Kenya are meticulous about the growing, picking and processing of their coffee beans.

Rather than being harvested all at once, or in two or three sweeps, Kenyan coffee beans are harvested over a series of seven separate pickings, with the beans being selected and picked only when they are mature and ready for processing.

The coffee beans are then graded and sold at government auctions, with only the best being designated AA.

This Kenya AA coffee is smooth, with a strong body.

We brewed this coffee in our B60 and tried it black, and then with a little cream.

Normally we prefer cream in our coffee. But in this case we found the full flavor and subtleties of the coffee more evident when we drank it black.

There is a natural sweetness to this coffee and it fills your mouth with range of flavors – starting with a rich and full body and moving through to a softer, lingering finish.

Kenya AA is famous for its range of flavors, and you can certainly taste this in these Extra Bold K-Cups.

You’ll find more information on this Kenya AA, including taste notes and ratings, here...

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