10% Kona Blend – an Extra Bold K-Cup coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

This new Kona Blend is one of the new Extra Bold K-Cup coffees from Green Mountain Coffee.

What is an “Extra Bold” K-Cup? It’s a K-Cup with about 20% more coffee in the cup.

These bold coffees are perfect for anyone who likes a more intense brew, or if you are using one of the larger serving sizes on the Keurig B60 or B70.

As for this Kona blend, we loved it, with or without cream. Kona beans come from Hawaii, a coffee growing region quite unlike any other in the world.

The 10% Kona Blend is smooth, with a subtle and mellow sweetness.

This coffee has a very smooth and certain taste.

Even before the first sip, one of our tasters noted that it has a sweet aroma.

And when she tasted it she found a hint of molasses in the taste, and observed that this was a coffee she could happily drink without cream or sugar.

It has a clear, certain taste, but with a mellow sweetness that lingers, and fills your mouth.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters describe this blend as being “smooth and graceful” – and we agree.

It’s a wonderful coffee to be enjoyed at any time of day or evening.

You’ll find more information on this 10% Kona blend, including taste notes and ratings, here...

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