Millstone Coffee’s Organic Mountain Moonlight blend is double certified and has a soft and subtle flavor.

While Millstone coffee may not be the first name you think of when it comes to organic and fair trade coffee, this blend is a mixture of beans from small farm cooperatives which follow sustainable, organic farming methods.

As with other Millstone coffees we have tasted, the packaging gives no information about the country of origin.

We find this puzzling, as we’re hard put to think of a coffee-growing region that is “bad”. So why don’t Millstone let us know where the beans come from?

That said, this organic Mountain Moonlight blend is very pleasant, if not remarkable.

You’ll love this coffee if you favor a more delicate, subtle taste.

In spite of being medium-dark roasted, our first impression with this blend sprang from the subtlety and variety of its tones.

With or without cream, we were met with a soft, lingering taste that made us want to keep this blend for enjoying during the afternoon or evening.

It doesn’t have the intensity we look for in an early morning coffee. But then, no everyone shares our taste for a bolder kick to our first coffee of the day.

We like Mountain Moonlight and would certainly serve it to our friends. And we appreciate the fact that it is organic and fair trade certified.

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