Paradise Roasters Sumatra Danau Toba – a smooth, sweet and full-bodied coffee with a balanced acidity.

The folks at were kind enough to send us a few samples from Paradise Roasters, one of their favorite roasters.

Paradise Roasters has a remarkable reputation. They are listed in National Geographic’s book, “The 10 Best of Everything” and have been repeatedly praised by Kenneth Davids of

Sumatra Danau Toba is a delight and rare treat.

We ground the beans, brewed the grinds immediately and let the coffee cool for a few minutes.

What a wonderful coffee. It is very smooth and sweet, but filled with a rich range of undertones. This isn’t a coffee you brew to get a massive caffeine jolt first thing in the morning. It’s a coffee to savor and enjoy. Stop whatever else you are doing, close your eyes and just savor the aroma and taste.

There is a slight acidity there, not sharp, but enough to wake up your whole mouth. There is a sweetness there too. Maybe a touch of citrus.

After adding a touch of cream, we could imagine enjoying this coffee over and over again.

It’s rare to find a smooth and naturally sweet coffee that still delights with such a broad range of subtle aromas and flavors.

You can buy Paradise Roasters Sumatra Danau Toba from

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