Super Tuscan – a blend of air-roasted espresso beans from The Roasterie.

The Roasterie is not your average coffee roaster.

They are clearly passionate about their craft and have made something of a name for themselves by air roasting their beans with a heated column of hot air, rather than roasting in a turning drum.

They also get some extra brownie points for sending us a very cute espresso cup and saucer along with the bag of Super Tuscan espresso beans. Thanks!

Their Super Tuscan espresso coffee has a distinctive and naturally sweet flavor.

Actually, the first thing we noticed was the strength of the aroma when we opened the bag. It felt like we had just walked by the roasting machine itself.

Then we ground the beans and tried the coffee both as espresso and with our regular drip brewer.

Others who have reviewed this coffee have described it as being soft and mellow. That wasn’t our feeling at all.

Maybe it’s just a difference it terminology, but we have found that the phrase “soft and mellow” is often used to describe a brew that is rather nondescript.

With the Super Tuscan we found the taste to be very distinctive, quite bold and unforgettable.

There is nothing harsh or bitter about it, but there is beautiful and complex combination of a light smokiness and natural sweetness we really enjoyed.

And unlike any other coffee we have tasted, there is a very pleasant and rich aftertaste that somehow clings to your mouth for literally minutes after each sip.

While we enjoyed it as a drip-brewed coffee, with cream, we liked it best as a straight shot of espresso.

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