Starbucks Coffee – fine coffees, and a lot of froth and flavors.

Starbucks coffee has given millions of people their first taste of true, gourmet coffee.

When Starbucks first opened its doors back in 1971, coffee was not viewed as much more than a pick-me-up to be drunk at home or at a roadside diner.

Nobody talked or cared much about the origin of the coffee beans being used, about their quality, or about their distinctive flavors.

As Starbucks opened more and more stores across North America and then overseas, millions of people came to experience the true taste of quality coffee beans.

Starbucks coffee has become somewhat hidden under an onslaught of foam and flavors...

If you are ever in a lineup at Starbucks, watch and see how many people order a simple cup of coffee. Not many. Most buy lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and a dizzying array of other concoctions, and then squirt flavored syrups into their cups.

To the true coffee lover this is like buying a fine red wine and then adding a dash of Seven-Up and chocolate powder.

A long way from the original Starbuck’s coffee...

Not so long ago Starbucks had an undeniable passion for coffee. And there is no doubt that many employees still feel that way today.

But as with any corporation, they have “followed the money”. They make more money by giving customers what they want...froth and flavoring.

However, while customers flock in for their various favorites, Starbucks does still offer a good choice of fine coffee beans for you to take home and brew yourself.

You can buy blends or a variety of single-origin beans from most of the world’s coffee growing regions.

And in addition to a great choice of beans, you can also make a statement about your social and political conscience by choosing organic and Fair Trade coffees.

While Starbucks was a little slow to recognize the growing public demand for Fair Trade coffees, they are catching up fast.

If you don’t have a Starbucks coffee store nearby, order online...

Starbucks has blown a little hot and cold with regard to its online presence.

Thankfully they now seem committed to providing their coffee through the web. And that’s good news for everyone who doesn’t live a few blocks away from one of their stores.

You can now choose from an excellent variety of whole beans, and organic and Fair Trade beans, at the Starbucks store online.

Back to choosing an online coffee store...

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