Vermont Country Blend from Green Mountain Coffee. A smooth cup of coffee for a lazy day.

The Vermont Country Blend is a balanced blend of light and dark roasted beans.

It may not pop your eyes open the first time you taste it, but after a few sips you come to appreciate its more subtle flavors.

We tasted it black, and then with a touch of cream.

Here’s our opinion on the taste...

Our first impression was of a fairly light, smooth taste that lingered very pleasantly in our mouths.

In fact, the impression we took away, after tasting it black and with cream, was that this was a coffee with a fairly delicate taste, but which left this wonderful, soft aftertaste in our mouths long after each sip.

We’re the kind of coffee drinkers who need to take a hammer to our taste buds first thing in the morning. So this wouldn’t be a wake-up coffee for us.

But it will find its place on a lazy weekend afternoon, looking out the window, with our feet up, and our hands around a mug of this wonderful Vermont coffee.

Try the Vermont Country Blend in whole beans, ground, decaf or K-Cups.

In other words, however you brew your coffee, you can get this Vermont coffee delivered exactly as you want it.

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