Winter Classic Blend – a smooth, full-bodied coffee blend from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Winter Classic Blend from Green Mountain Coffee

If you want to try this Winter Classic Blend from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, don’t wait too long.

This is one of their limited edition blends and is available only until the beginning of March, or until supplies run out.

Here at Coffee Detective we’re going to buy some more. We love it.

We lined up three different coffees, tasted each, first black and then with a little cream...and this blend won over our taste buds immediately.

It is a medium to dark blend of different beans, all of them Fair Trade, and selected from both Indonesia and South and Central America.

The Winter Classic Blend has a full-bodied and even taste...

When we say it is full-bodied, we mean it has a strong, certain flavor, but with no bitterness or sense of being too “strong”. It has a strength that is even and smooth.

Also, one of our group immediately described it as “comfy”. And that’s almost has the feel of “the hot chocolate of coffees”, with a hint of sweetness to it.

Another thing we like about it is that it holds its taste well, with or without cream. Some coffees seem to lose some of their characteristic flavors when you add cream, but not this one.

How the roasters at Green Mountain Coffee managed to create this blend, and hit that “Winter Classic” flavor, we have no idea. However they did it, they did a great job.

Buy the Winter Classic Blend in whole beans, ground or as K-Cups.

As we said, if you want to try this blend, get some soon, before the limited supplies run out.

And if anyone from the company reads this, maybe they’ll consider making this blend part of their regular coffee lineup. We would like to be able to buy some all year round.

You’ll find more information on this blend, including taste notes and ratings, here....

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