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Coffee Detective Newsletter #11 -- Fall Coffee Flavors
September 05, 2010

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #11 September 2010

Dear Coffee Lover,

The kids are back at school, and now it seems every retailer is busy promoting their Fall products.

For coffee stores and shops, this means the usual lineup of Fall coffee flavors, the most popular being Pumpkin Spice.

Inspired by the season, I have added another page to my Coffee Buzz section. Coffee flavor stories from the weird, mistaken, clumsy and misguided.

If you are a fan of flavored coffee, you might want to ask yourself how they get those flavors into the coffee beans.

Do they roll the coffee beans in mashed up pumpkins? Sadly, no. Coffee beans are impregnated with artificial flavors, courtesy of food industry chemical labs.

However, you can buy some coffees which are naturally flavored.

You can learn more about naturally flavored coffees here: Natural flavors for coffee. So you think that hazelnut vanilla flavoring is natural?

Thatís it for this issue. Iíll be back again soon.

You can reach me at any time at

Best wishes,


Nick Usborne aka The Coffee Detective

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