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Coffee Detective Newsletter #27 -- Lots of new coffee news and content
May 12, 2013

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #27 May 2013


Last weekend I was at CoffeeCON 2013 and had the chance to talk with some of the world’s leading experts in making gourmet coffee at home.

It was a fascinating day for me, and I’m still working through the photos I took and the interviews I recorded.

So far I have published three new pages based on my trip.

- My take on the CoffeeCON 2013 event for coffee consumers.

- Which coffee makers do top coffee professionals use at home?


- My video review of the Chemex pour-over coffee brewer.

This last one is related to my trip, because that’s where I picked up the Chemex brewer. I have brewed pour-over coffee using a filter cone and mug before, but had never used the Chemex method. This is also a pour-over method, but enables to you make a whole pot of coffee instead of just one cup. It has some other unique features as well.

Stay tuned because I have several new pages in the works.

And within the next day or two I’ll be publishing a review of a Burundi coffee I picked up there from the folks at Oren’s Daily Roast.

Then, hopefully within the next week or so, I’ll be receiving a new single-serve coffee maker to review. This one is made by KitchenAid and brews single servings with loose coffee.

Busy times at Coffee Detective…and I know I have a few more pages of interesting information I can pull out of the interviews I did.

That’s it for now.

Until next time.


Nick Usborne

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