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Coffee Detective Newsletter #30 -- Christmas Coffee Favorites & Savings
December 01, 2013

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #30 December 2013


Well, it seems we are all getting into the swing of the Christmas season, whether we want to or not!

Black Friday a couple of days ago, and Cyber Monday tomorrow.

Personally, I’m more of a last-minute shopper. Or I buy online. And this is mostly down to the fact that I just can’t stand the big crowds in the stores at this time of year.

Anyway, here at Coffee Detective we have been doing our small part to help coffee lovers prepare for the holidays.

First, I have put together a small collection of gift ideas, based on what I would buy a friend. These are my personal choices, also directed by a feeling of responsibility to point my coffee drinking friends in the right direction. In other words, I would want to buy them the good stuff, without having to overpay.

Here are my choices…

The coffee gear I would buy a friend for the holidays.

Next up is a very good deal on a really nice coffee.

A while back I wrote a review for Cafe Santo Domingo.

This is a very nice coffee from the Dominican Republic. Anyway, after publishing the review I got into conversation with the owners of the company and then ended up doing a little consulting work with them.

The upside of this is that I now know the owners well enough to have negotiated a very special discount for friends of Coffee Detective. Usually their maximum discount is 10%. But you can now buy their coffee at a 15% discount.

This really is a nice coffee, so you may want to give it a try and stock up for the holidays.

You can find the coupon code for the discount here…

15% Discount on Cafe Santo Domingo - Only for friends of Coffee Detective.

That’s it for now. And if I don’t get another issue to you before the end of the year…have a safe and happy holidays!

Until next time.


Nick Usborne

P.S. If you are in the business of selling coffee or coffee making equipment, check out my professional consulting and writing services at ZeroDecaf Marketing.

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