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Coffee Detective – Introducing the Coffee Detective Photo App!
November 07, 2015

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #40 November 2015


In my last newsletter I mentioned something big was coming up.

Something I have been working hard on…

Well, it’s here, and I hope you like it.

I just launched a mobile app for the site. It’s a coffee photo app, sharing interesting coffee photos. A bit like Instagram for coffee lovers, but not so fancy. (On account of the fact that I didn’t have $1 million to develop it!)

I post a new coffee photo five days a week, and also invite people to send in their own coffee photos. I curate those submissions, and share just the best of them.

Fun stuff, if you’re a coffee freak.

So…I’m inviting you to install the app on your phones. It’s free, with no registration required.

I’m also inviting you to submit your own photos.

I need lots of great coffee photos!

Install the app from here…

For iPhones...

For Android phones...

You can find more information about the app on the Coffee Detective website here.

If you decide to install it on your phone – thanks! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Best wishes,


Nick Usborne

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