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Coffee Detective – Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers
December 05, 2015

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #41 December 2015


Just a couple of items as we approach the holidays.

First off, I have updated my “coffee gear gifts for coffee lovers” page.

Essentially, the page is a list of the brewers, grinders and accessories I would buy as a gift for a friend.

This is all equipment we have here in our home. We have tried it all, used it and reviewed it.

In other words, this is equipment we have used quite a bit and can vouch for. As I said, this is all stuff I would feel totally comfortable buying for a friend.

Our gifts idea page is here…

The other thing I wanted to mention is that we have just published a new guide called “Coffee Crimes”.

It reveals the 11 commonest crimes perpetrated against coffee, and shows you how to solve them all.

This is a downloadable, 22 page guide.

It looks at how certain coffee makers just don’t have what it takes to brew decent coffee.

It explores the process of brewing and how you might make some simple errors that will result in a disappointing brew.

And it looks at the coffee beans themselves. Stale beans, bad beans and beans that just don’t suit your own taste preferences.

Solve all 11 crimes and I’m certain you’ll improve your brew and enjoy your coffee more.

You can get a copy of the guide for yourself. Or maybe get it for that certain someone in your life who just doesn’t seem to have got the hang of making decent coffee!

Learn more about the Coffee Crimes guide here…

That’s it for this issue. If I don’t write again before the holidays, have a wonderful time and enjoy your coffee!

Best wishes,


Nick Usborne

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