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November 06, 2016

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #44 November 2016


I know, I’ve been kind of absent all summer. No newsletter issues for months! My bad.

My only excuse is that summer days have this habit of drawing me away from my desk.

It’s time to jump back in.

First, a couple of Coffee Detective milestones:

We recently passed 1,000,000 views on the Coffee Detective YouTube channel! Pretty amazing. Maybe not for some big celebrity, but amazing for us!

Check out our latest videos on YouTube... and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Another milestone – coming soon – will be our 10th anniversary in January. Ten years writing about coffee! That’s got to count for something. If you have any ideas on how we should celebrate, let us know!

Something new - we recently opened an account on Instagram. This is something you might enjoy if, like me, you have a thing for both coffee and photography.

You can find us on Instagram through your smartphone @therealcoffeedetective

Or on the web here.

While I have been lazy about the newsletter over the summer, that doesn’t mean nothing has happened on the site. It has! Any time you want to catch up with our latest posts and reviews, you can always go to the What’s New page.

One more thing I want to mention in this issue is our love affair with a new coffee brewer we were sent recently.

Actually, it’s a grinder and brewer all in one. And that’s one of the reasons we love it. It grinds the beans just seconds before brewing, so absolutely none of the flavors are lost. Super convenient too – having just the one machine on the counter to grind and brew.

The other thing we love is that we can brew a whole carafe, a half carafe, less than a half carafe… and… we can even brew a cup at a time, or a travel mug size… and so on. In other words, we have total control over the amount of coffee we make.

There are other adjustments we can make too… to the coarseness of the coffee it grinds and the strength of the brew itself.

The machine is the Breville Grind Control brewer, and you can find our full review here.

That’s it for this issue. I promise not to keep you waiting so long for the next one!

Best wishes,


Nick Usborne

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