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The Coffee Detective Newsletter, Issue #005 -- Share your Coffee Recipes and Coffee Reviews
August 25, 2007
The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #05 August 2007


Welcome back to the Coffee Detective newsletter.

We havenít published any issues during the lazy days of summer, but are now back and will be publishing regularly again with new articles and buying guides in every issue.

In the meantime...

Do you know any good recipes that include coffee? Coffee cakes? Coffee muffins? Coffee drinks? Anything else that includes coffee as an ingredient?

I ask because we have recently added a page to the Coffee Detective site where you can submit your own recipes and share them with our readers.

Youíll find it here:

Your Coffee Recipes

We have also added feedback forms on a couple of our coffee maker pages, so people can rave and rant about their coffee makers too.

Best Coffee Makers

Single Cup Brewers

And you can also submit reviews of your favourite coffees on our Coffee Reviews page.

Coffee Reviews

Weíre really hoping youíll contribute. If enough people participate in the site, then its whole character will shift...resulting in a much richer mix of our own advice and research, combined with feedback and opinions from yourself and other readers.

So please donít be shy. Add your favourite coffee recipes and coffee reviews, and tell us about what you like and dislike about your coffee maker.

Until next time.


Nick Usborne

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