Single Cup Coffee Makers - gourmet coffee without the mess.

Single cup coffee makers - also known as one cup coffee makers - promise you a fresh cup of coffee, whenever you want it, with no mess and no clean up, one cup at a time.

Before we look at the pros and cons of these brewers, and the different types and brands available, you can watch this video to get an idea of how single cup brewing works.

This is a demonstration of the Keurig B60 brewer.

So far, so good.

But while these single serve brewers may offer the latest in convenience, do they really give the gourmet coffee drinker what he or she wants? Good question.


Is a single cup coffee maker right for you?

If you just want to grab a single cup of coffee from time to time, one of these new machines may be exactly what you want.

Or if you like gourmet coffee, but are always in too much of a hurry to grind beans and make a full pot.

Or if you like the idea of making coffee with no mess or cleanup.

And particularly if there is only one of you in the house drinking coffee.

Or if there is more than one of you, but you have very different tastes in coffee. In other words, a 12-cup carafe of coffee will suit only one of you.

Two points to consider, before you buy…

For all their convenience, one cup coffee makers have two disadvantages right now.

1. You will always be limited in your choice of coffees. When you grind your own beans, you have a choice of hundreds of coffees, from stores and online, But with a one cup brewer, you are limited by the number of coffees they choose to offer in the K-Cup, pod or T-Disc format.

2. Each cup of coffee will cost you more. In other words, if you want to watch your pennies, then buying loose coffee for a traditional drip brewer will be more economical. Typically, buying single serve coffees costs the equivalent of over $20 a pound.


There are four leading brands of single cup coffee maker.

Four different single serve coffee makers.The Keurig, Nespresso, Verismo and Tassimo single serve coffee makers.

K-Cup Brewers - which take K-Cups. There are variety of different Keurig brewers to choose from, each with very different features. You can read our review of the Keurig brewers here.

Another K-Cup brewer, which we think is the best of them all, is the iCoffee Opus.

Nespresso Brewers - these are beautifully designed brewers and take specially designed discs. These are not primarily coffee makers but focus instead on espresso-based drinks like latte and cappuccino. Read out review of the Nespresso brewer here.

Starbucks Verismo Brewer – which makes both coffee and your other favorite Starbucks coffee beverages, like latte and cappuccino. Starbucks pitch it as the machine that allows you to make all your favorite Starbucks drinks at home. You can read our full description of the Verismo brewers here.

Tassimo Brewers - which takes T-Discs. There are two T-Disc brewers, the Braun Tassimo and the Bosch Tassimo. Read our hands-on review of the Tassimo T55 here.

Once you have your brewer, you then buy the sealed cups or pods of coffee that work with that particular brand of brewer.

Brewing the coffee is easy. You simply insert the K-Cup, pod or T-Disc in the machine, add water to the reservoir, and press one button.

In a minute or so you have a fresh brewed cup of coffee, with no messy filters to throw away.

Our personal favorite...

The iCoffee Opus K-Cup Brewer.

Of all the single serve brewing systems we have tried, we found the iCoffee Opus makes the best cup of coffee. Watch our video review...

Bestselling single serve brewers on


Additional information on single serve coffee makers...

The Touch T526S single serve K-Cup brewer.

The iCoffee Opus single serve K-Cup brewer.

Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single serve brewer.

Verismo brewers – Starbucks coffee makers for single-serve coffee lovers.

Choosing between the different Keurig single cup brewers.

Buying Keurig brewers and K-Cups online in Canada.

The Tassimo T55 Single Cup Home Brewing System.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer

Nespresso automatic espresso machines.

Organize your Keurig K-Cups with a storage drawer.

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Write a review of YOUR single serve coffee maker.

If you have a single serve coffee maker, write a review and tell us about its strong points and weak points. What do you love about it? And what do you wish was different?

What other visitors have written about their single serve coffee makers.

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About the author: Nick Usborne, aka Coffee Detective, is a writer and long-time coffee enthusiast. Read more…

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