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Coffee Detective Newsletter #14 -- Time to send some coffee gifts?
November 21, 2010

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #14 November 2010

Dear Coffee Lover

Weíre getting awfully close to that gift-buying time of year.

Right now Iím working on a coffee loverís gift buying guide for 2010.

You can see last yearís top gift suggestions here. Gourmet Coffee Gifts Ė Single cup coffee makers and more....

For me, itís still a little early to be buying gifts. Iím more of a last minute shopper.

But about now I do send out cards and gifts to people I do business with. In particular, I give them gift baskets.

And, in that weird way in which we often give gifts that we would like for ourselves, I give them coffee-themed gift baskets. I guess I just assume everyone likes coffee. : )

Perhaps there is someone in your work life who deserves a special thank you.

There are plenty of places where you can buy gift baskets online, and have them delivered. My choice, each year, is the gift baskets page at Green Mountain Coffee.

Also, if you havenít done so already, be sure to ďLikeĒ the Coffee Detective Facebook page.

Thatís where you can go for daily discussions on just about every aspect of making gourmet coffee at home.

Iíll be back with the next issue in a week or two.

You can reach me at any time at

Enjoy your coffee!


Nick Usborne

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