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Coffee Detective Newsletter #16 -- Cold coffee recipes for the hot days of summer
May 22, 2011

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #16 May 2011

Dear Coffee Lover,

With summer here, or at least on the way, coffee consumption traditionally goes down a fair bit.

Although I’m a pretty consistent coffee drinker myself, I guess even I drink a little less during the hot days of summer.

But of course, if you need your coffee fix year-round, there are a variety of ways in which you can make cold and iced coffees.

(It’s weird how we turn our noses up at regular coffee when it grows cold…but will happily drink it when it’s made to be enjoyed cold, like with an iced coffee.)

If you’re ready to start trying some cold coffee drinks, we have a couple of pages you can refer to.

The first is a simple guide to making regular iced coffee. There is nothing complicated about it, but as you’ll see, there are a couple of tips you need to follow.

How to make iced coffee

And here is the second page…

Cold Coffee Drinks for Summer

That second page has a few different recipes you can try, including an excellent Iced Coffee Smoothie.

If you have come cold coffee recipes of your own you want to share, you can use the form on this page…

Coffee Drinks Recipes

That’s it for this issue…and I’ll be back in a month or so with more news and updates.

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You can reach me at any time at

Enjoy your coffee!


Nick Usborne

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