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Coffee Detective Newsletter #21 -- And your favorite gourmet coffees are?
September 17, 2012

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #21 September 2012


I hope you had a great summer.

As the summer draws to a close and the hot weather recedes, many of us start to drink a little more coffee again.

But which coffees do you buy?

Are you loyal to one particular coffee roaster or store? Do you always buy the same coffee or blend, or do you mix it up a little and try a variety of different coffees?

I would love to know, which is why I have created a short survey. There are only 3 questions, and it takes less than a minute to complete.

Click here to take the survey

In the news...

If you own a Keurig brewer, you might soon start to see a lot more choices in the coffees you can buy.

As of yesterday, one of Green Mountain Coffee’s key patents expired. This means that any roaster can now package its coffees in K-Cups and sell them. (As long as they can afford the price of a machine than fills and seals the K-Cups themselves.)

Anyway, if you love K-Cups, but wish there was a little more variety, your wish is about to come true.

BTW – this doesn’t apply to the VUE Packs for the new Keurig® Vue® V700 Brewing System.That’s a whole different system.

New at Coffee Detective…

I have been busy over the summer, adding a new section to the Coffee Detective website.

It’s called Coffee Opinions. This is where I get to write feature articles, exploring various aspects of coffee and the coffee business.

Here are the most recent pieces published:

Are Maxwell House and Folgers coffees making people sick?

When big coffee companies lose sight of quality and focus on profits, move on.

Single cup coffee makers - Poised for growth or collapse?

That’s it for this issue…and I’ll be back in a few weeks with more news and updates.

And please, if you have a couple of minutes, complete that short survey about the coffees you buy.

You can reach me at any time at


Nick Usborne

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