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Coffee Detective Newsletter #24 -- Hands-on gift ideas for coffee lovers
December 08, 2012

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #24 December 2012


In the last issue I was writing about giving a fancy single-serve coffee maker as a gift for the coffee lover in your life this Christmas.

There is no doubt that these machines are extremely popular.

However, in this issue I want to take a look at the other end of the spectrum. That is to say, low-tech, low-cost coffee making methods.

I love the low-tech approach to making coffee for a few reasons. First, they are so inexpensive. Second, every cup of coffee you make is less than half the price when compared to single-serve systems. Third, the coffee actually tastes better. (When did you last see a coffee professional make coffee with a single serve brewer?)

But beyond all that, I just like the hands-on aspect of making my own coffee with the simplest possible tools.

It may be easy to throw a K-Cup or capsule into your brewer and just press a button, but I can’t help but feel part of the experience is lost that way.

I love the feeling of coffee beans grinding in a manual coffee mill. I like pouring the hot water over the coffee grinds when using a simple filter cone.

It’s that hands-on part that I like, and that I miss when using a single-serve brewer.

If you have friends or family who you think would like to try the low-tech and high-touch approach to making coffee, I have put together a page of hands-on gift ideas here.

And you can still see my selection of single-serve brewer gift ideas here.

That’s it for this issue. If I don’t write again before the holidays…have a great break, and enjoy your coffee!

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Nick Usborne

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