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Coffee Detective Newsletter #31 -- Reporting from my coffee trip to Jamaica
February 23, 2014

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #31 February 2014


A few weeks ago I traveled to Jamaica and was taken on a private tour of the coffee growing region north of Kingston.

At a certain altitude in the mountains you come to the area where Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown. This is a very small area, but it produces one of the best coffees in the world.

While I was there I took copious notes and over 250 photos.

So far I have written 4 articles about my trip, covering most aspects of growing and processing the coffee from these mountain slopes.

The first article is simply an introduction to my trip and a quick summary of the places I went to over the course of three days in the mountains.

The next three articles focus more specifically on the growing and processing of the beans, from the seedling to the cup.

Here they are:

My visit to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee region.

Why Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee is so good, and why it costs more.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – from seed to harvest.

Processing coffee in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

Read all four articles and you’ll not only get a unique insight into the creation of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, but will also understand the process by which coffee gets from the seed to the cup in any other coffee growing region.

In other words, you’ll better understand where your morning coffee comes from, and just how much work it takes to get it from the field to your kitchen counter.

Until next time.


Nick Usborne

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