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Coffee Detective – Coffee Bag Shoes...and Your Health
February 14, 2016

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #41 December 2015


My apologies for the long gap since the last letter.

No excuse really, other than the fact that I have been super-busy.

But I have managed to add a lot of new pages over the last few weeks. Today, I want to focus on just a couple of them.

Yesterday I published a page about a pair of young entrepreneurs, a couple, who are doing something really interesting in Nicaragua.

First they opened a coffee shop. Then, looking at the pile of empty burlap coffee sacks in the back room, they had an idea.

They walked down the street and went into the shop of the local shoe maker, and asked a pretty weird question.

“Could you make shoes out of burlap bags?”

Quite the imaginative leap.

Long story short, he said yes. And now this couple is selling coffee sack shoes, not to mention purses and bags, from their coffee shop and online.

You can read more about it…and see a photo of my very own coffee sack shoes here.

Next up, if you still remember your New Year’s Resolution about staying healthy, you might want to check out our “coffee as a miracle health cure” page.

Honestly, if coffee had been discovered as some kind of herb or spice 5 years ago, and just a few its medicinal properties had quickly been discovered, it would be displayed in every window of every health store on the planet. Its health benefits are amazing.

Here’s our page on coffee as a miracle cure.

Finally, a quick reminder to check out our Coffee Crimes Guide. This short and inexpensive guide looks at 11 crimes against coffee. Or rather, the 11 ways in which a brew of coffee can be spoiled.

Some of these crimes are about your brewer, some are about the process of making coffee, and some concern the coffee beans themselves.

If you want to make great coffee every time, use this guide as your reference. All the bases are covered.

Learn more about the Coffee Crimes guide here...

That’s it for this issue.

Best wishes,


Nick Usborne

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