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Coffee Detective – The best hand coffee grinder we’ve tried…
February 20, 2021

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #49 February 2021


A couple of things…

First, we recently reviewed a new hand coffee grinder.

As you’ll see from our video review, we really like this grinder. Turns out it isn’t easy to create a grinder that is actually comfortable to hold and use in your hands.

This one hits the spot just right.

Watch and read our review of the VSSL JAVA here…

Second… I have a discount for you if you want to try one of our Coffee Detective coffees.

If you missed the last newsletter, the big news was the launch of a line of Coffee Detective gourmet coffees.

And right now you can save 10% on your first, or next purchase.

Put as much as you like in the shopping cart, and then use the coupon code: FIRSTCOFFEE

You can use this discount code whether you have purchased from us before or not. But you can only use it once. : )

Take your pick from some of our best sellers

That’s it for this issue.



Coffee Detective

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