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Coffee Detective Newsletter #06 -- Coffee Makers, Health Issues, and more
November 10, 2007
The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #06 November 2007

Dear Coffee Lover,

Over the last few months some interesting new coffee makers have been launched, and I have published quite a few new pages of information at the Coffee Detective web site.

First, a surprising new coffee maker...

As you may already know, Keurig invented the K-Cup coffee maker. And as far as I knew, they were always going to be the only company selling brewers that made coffee with K-Cups.

Well, I was wrong. Breville recently launched the Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer. It's a lot more expensive than the Keurig B60 or B70, but it's a very smart looking machine and will certainly suit your kitchen if you like the "stainless steel" look.

At the other end of the spectrum, I really like the new Bistro Mug Coffee Press by Bodum. It's a very simple and inexpensive version of the French press that makes coffee directly in your mug. Perfect for travelers or anyone else who truly wants just one cup of coffee from time to time.

The great thing about any variation on the French press is that it makes as good a cup of coffee as even the most complex and expensive brewers on the market.

Some new information pages on the Coffee Detective site

I have added quite a few new pages over the last little while.

Two of them, recently updated, may prove useful for when you start thinking about buying holiday gifts for the coffee lovers in your life.

Gourmet Coffee Gifts - Single cup coffee makers and more...

Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets - Order one ready-made, or create your own.

Also, if you have an interest in how coffee impacts your health, be sure to read the section on the health benefits of coffee.

Towards the end of the introductory page you'll find links to a number of different pages, each of them devoted to different ailment and diseases that can be treated or cured with coffee including Alzheimer's disease, liver cancer, diabetes and more.

Finally, share some coffee experiences of your own with the new site feedback forms...

Do you know any good recipes that include coffee? Coffee cakes? Coffee muffins? Coffee drinks? Anything else that includes coffee as an ingredient?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it would be great if you have some recipes to share on the new Coffee Recipes page.

You can add your recipes here:

Your Coffee Recipes

I have also added feedback forms on a couple of the coffee maker pages, so you can rave and rant about your coffee makers too.

Best Coffee Makers

Single Cup Brewers

And you can also submit reviews of your favorite coffees on the Coffee Reviews page.

Coffee Reviews

That's it for this issue.

Until next time.


Nick "The Coffee Detective" Usborne

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