Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets - order one ready-made, or create your own.

gift baskets for coffee lovers

A few years ago gourmet coffee gift baskets comprised a basket, a few small bags of coffee and maybe a coffee mug.

Today you have a lot more choices, depending on the lifestyle and coffee drinking preferences of the person you are sending the gift to.

You can buy gift baskets for people with one cup brewers, baskets for people who like organic, fair trade coffee - and even for people who have a passion not just for coffee, but also for tea or chocolate.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to put together and deliver a custom-made basket of your own, Amazon.com offers a good range of coffee gift baskets.

Otherwise, it can be a lot more interesting to build your own baskets.

Build your coffee gift baskets around a relevant theme...

There are so many ways in which you can now customize coffee gift baskets.

  • Maybe your friend or colleague travels a lot and you can build your basket around a travel mug and a good variety of small bags of coffee.
  • For those who now own single serve coffee makers, you can put together a selection of different boxes of K-cups, coffee pods or capsules.
  • If your friend has a strong social conscience, you can make a basket containing only fair trade and organic coffees.
  • For those who are most concerned about the environment, make the center piece of your basket a French press coffee maker. With a French press there is no hydro consumed, and no paper filters or pods to throw away.
  • For those who have traveled or are about to travel to a coffee growing region in the world, you can put together a collection of single origin coffees.

Or maybe you have just come back from your own travels and want to share some of the tastes of that region.

Gourmet coffee gift baskets for people just moving to a new home can include a coffee maker...and maybe an insulated mug, for the times when they will be decorating in the chaos of a new home.

Coffee gift baskets are at their best when personalized with a little care and imagination...

With so many new coffee makers available, and such a huge choice of gourmet coffee to choose from, there is no longer any excuse for a bland basket containing a mug and two or three choices of coffee beans.

Depending on your budget, you can now do almost anything to match the personal interests and circumstances of the person you are gifting.

Think about their tastes in coffee, about their lifestyles, about their preferences when it comes to decaf, organic or fair trade.

If it’s a major gift, think about including a coffee maker or grinder as well.

And if your friend is new to the idea of making gourmet coffee from whole beans, put together a starter package with a grinder, French press and choice of beans.

A coffee lover's gift basket should be anything but bland...and with the availability of so many new beans and so much new equipment, you really can make that gift unique and exciting.

Although, of course, sometimes we're too busy. And for those times we can always turn to Amazon for  coffee gift baskets.

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