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Coffee Detective Newsletter #17 -- Coffee Gifts for Fatherís Day
June 05, 2011

The Coffee Detective Newsletter

Issue #16 May 2011

Dear Coffee Lover,

Weíre getting close to Fatherís Day, particularly if you want to order online.

Being a father and grandfather myself, I thought a bit about what kinds of gifts a coffee-loving dad might like.

I came up with two brewers and one grinder.

This is all equipment I use regularly myself, and each of the links below take you to a video in which I demonstrate each.

#1 Ė The Keurig B60

This is a K-Cup brewer, and itís the machine we use the most at home. That said, we control the cost and increase the choice of coffees we can brew by using the My K-Cup reusable filter. We rarely buy K-Cups.

A video review of the Keurig B60 K-Cup coffee maker.

Video on how to use the My K-Cup coffee filter with your Keurig Brewer.

#2 Ė The Bosch Tassimo T20 Hot Beverage System

Like the Keurig, the Tassimo is a single serve brewing system. We donít use it as much as the Keurig, because there is no reusable filter option. However, we do use it once a day to make a cappuccino.

We have an espresso machine, but using the Tassimo is the lazy dadís way. ; ) And although I was skeptical about the process to begin with, the cappuccino is really very good.

A video review of the Bosch Tassimo T20 Hot Beverage System

#3 Ė The Capresso Infinity Burr Coffee Grinder

If the dad in your family is still using a blade coffee grinder, itís time to upgrade him to a burr grinder, preferably a conical burr grinder.

In the video below youíll see three different types of grinder, but the Capresso is the one we use each day. The others languish on a shelf in the basement.

Video showing the different types of coffee grinders.

Thatís it for this issueÖand Iíll be back in a few weeks with more news and updates.

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You can reach me at any time at

Enjoy Fatherís Day!


Nick Usborne

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