If you have never tried percolated coffee, check out our quick review of the Hamilton Beach percolator.

Go back thirty or forty years and millions of people woke up to the aroma of percolating coffee every morning.

But over time percolators lost out first to drip brewers and then to single-serve coffee makers.


In fact, they’re not only out of fashion, they are often looked down upon – particularly by wannabe baristas and the hipsters who fuss over their latest pour-over brewers.

They’ll tell you that percolators fail to bring out the subtleties of fine coffee beans.

Up to a point, I agree. If I’m reviewing a high-end coffee, a percolator wouldn’t be my first choice.

But if I want a deep and rich mug of coffee in the morning, and I want the smell of coffee to waft up out of the kitchen, it’s hard to beat them.

This Hamilton Beach percolator brews up to 12 cups of coffee, although you can make fewer cups simply by using less water and ground coffee.

And it’s a super-simple brewing system to use.

Just add water to the main vessel, add coarse ground coffee to the steel basket up top, put it all together – being sure to lock the lid down – and you’re good to go.

No filter papers to worry about, so single serve cups or discs to throw away.

And, of course, as percolator fans will tell you, your new percolator will last almost indefinitely. There’s really nothing to break or go wrong.

No pumps, no tubes, no computer chips… no nothing.

The whole thing is made of steel, with the exception of the clear plastic top on the lid.

This is a plug-in model. You can also get stovetop versions. They all work in the same way.

If you’re already a fan of percolated coffee, you don’t need to me sing their praises. If you’re not, or haven’t even tried percolated coffee, you really should give it a chance.

Like I said, the coffee is rich and deep in ways that other brewing systems can’t seem to match.

Granted, I’ll use a quality drip brewer or pour-over system when I’m reviewing fancy coffees. But most of the time, it’s that bold percolated flavor that hits the spot every time.

You can probably find one locally. If not, there are plenty of percolators available through Amazon.com.

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Parts in a coffee percolator.You'll find the exact same parts in pretty much every coffee percolator.

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