Coffee Reviews – written in plain English.

Professional coffee cuppersWe're not professional coffee cuppers, but these folks are. (Some of the wonderful people I met on my trip to Jamaica.)

Our intention here is to write coffee reviews in a way that makes sense to regular coffee drinkers.

There are some excellent “cuppers” out there – professional coffee tasters – but sometimes their language is hard for non-professionals to understand.

For instance, a coffee cupper might describe a coffee as having “aromatic cedar and chocolate notes with a toasty caramel finish”.

While professional cuppers may write coffee reviews that are clearly understood by other professionals, we believe there is also a need for reviews written in plain English.

If we can achieve some small measure of success in writing these “plain English” coffee reviews, we’ll be happy.

Who does the tasting? I taste all the coffees we review, but rely a great deal on the far superior palate of my girlfriend, Johanne Tanguay. She tastes the coffee and I take notes. If we then compare our notes to what has been written about the same coffee by professional tasters, she is almost always spot on.

Coffee reviews and coffee cupping

That's how we manage to write quality reviews, without a lot of the weird, technical jargon.

BTW – We never charge fees for these reviews. If a company sends us some coffee, we’ll taste it. If we like it, we’ll write a review. If we don’t like the coffee, we simply don’t review it. Our reviews are not paid for.

Finally, if you work for a coffee company and would like us to review one or more of your coffees, you can reach us through our contact page.

Flavorbean Coffee

Panama Coffee Gold Reserve

Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee

King's Row Coffee

Shelton Signature Blend

Bonbon Blend

Montana Coffee Traders

Grizzly Blend

Cafe Monteverde

Community Coffee

Breakfast Blend

Coffee & Chicory

Driven Coffee

Costa Rica

Ethiopia Sidamo

Joe's Brew Club

Costa Rica coffee from Redrock Rosters

Marley Coffee

One Love Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

Kauai Coffee

Garden Isle K-Cups

Blue Mountain Coffee Inc.

Blue Mountain Cache

Bean Box

Kuma Coffee's Guatemala La Esperanza

Herkimer’s Honduran Drip Blend

Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters

Organic Colombia Quinchia

Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno

San Francisco Bay Coffee

Colombian Supremo

Dominican Sierra Group

Café Santo Domingo

Path Coffee Roasters

Colombian Finca Potosi

Ethiopian Sidamo

Hamptons Lane

Montauk Sunrise

Oren’s Daily Roast

Burundi Kayanza Gatare

Ridgelyne Coffee

Ridgelyne Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (2014)

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (2013)

Terra Bean Coffee

La Colmena from El Salvador

New York Coffee House Blend

Van Houtte

Single Origin Costa Rica

Single Origin Sumatra

The East India Coffee Company...

Milk Chocolate Enrobed Coffee Beans

Tiny Footprint Coffee...

Colombia Mesa de Los Santos

Nicaraguan Dark Roast

Coffee Del Sol...

El Salvador San Emilio

Blanell Coffee...

La Brasiliana Espresso Coffee

Caffe Diemme Espresso Coffee

Equal Exchange...

Organic Mind, Body & Soul Coffee

Organic French Roast

Virgin Hill Coffee Roasters

Ripplecove Blend

Francais Blend

Marley Coffee

Lively Up! 5 Bean Espresso Roast

Marley Coffee Buffalo Soldier coffee

Ridgelyne Coffee

Ridgelyne 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Maui Mountain Home Grown reviews...

Volcano Roast

Sunrise Roast

Arbor Day Coffee Reviews...

Arbor Day Blend

Arbor Day Colombian Blend

Flavorbean Coffee

About the author: Nick Usborne, aka Coffee Detective, is a writer and long-time coffee enthusiast. Read more…

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