Is coffee bad for you?

by Joyce T.
(Montreal, Canada)


My new boyfriend is a bit of a fitness freak and tells me that drinking coffee is bad for my health. I love coffee and think and hope he is wrong. What's the verdict?


Coffee is not bad for you. There was a lot of ill-informed talk on the subject about twenty years ago, but tons of recent medical studies support the view that coffee has numerous health benefits.

In fact, if someone launched a totally new beverage with all the healthy attributes coffee has, it would be applauded as a miracle health drink!

Here is a very short rundown of some of the health benefits of drinking coffee:

* Coffee can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

* Coffee reduces the risk of developing liver cancer.

* Coffee protects against liver disease.

* Coffee protects you against skin cancer.

* Caffeine protects the elderly from heart disease.

* Coffee can increase your brain power.

* Coffee can reduce muscle pain after working out.

We have more information about this on our page about how coffee benefits your health.

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Feb 22, 2011
Coffee and caffeine
by: Diana C Coffee Dream House

I have never believed that coffee or caffeine was "bad" for a person. The problem with "new" studies or information is that just one bit of info is put out there or just one study or research article and people don't dig to find out anything else.
Has anyone ever heard of a drinking and then driving accident, drinking coffee that is. Hope cause it just does not happen.
Caffeine has never made me or anyone I know hyper or caused any bodily damage. Beware the research/study articles, find out more before taking any to heart!

Sep 05, 2010
coffee good or bad....?
by: sonny

Hi Nick,
It 's me again, and it is a Surprise to learn how good coffee
is for you, when I was in my teens ,I had a cousin older than I
who was exercising with this Charles Atlas Course, and I read
in there , that Coffee was Poisin to the Human Body, Boy,
Were they wrong? ... or not, was that just an opinion, or advertising..? So , from then on , of course, I thought
they were right, How 'bout that, how wrong we can be until
"we " get educated about things, Things sure have changed
with good research, I sure thank you for writing this website,
I have been looking into SBI , into the Site Sell Affiliate,5 Pillar,
again thank you for sharing with us,

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