Should I get into commercial coffee roasting?

by James
(Sonoma, Ca)



I really enjoy the content on your site. I am one year into owning my coffee shop. I am seriously considering roasting my own beans. I am concerned about two things, can I roast a consistent high quality product like I currently purchase and would I save enough to justify roasting my own beans.

I spent about $60k over a twelve month period and currently pay $9/pnd average.

Thank you for taking the time to help me.


James Hahn


James, hi

Thanks for the kind words about the site. We do try! : )

As for your question...I’m afraid I don’t have the expertise to help you with this.

However...I’m putting your question up and will try to encourage some coffee roasters to add some answers and suggestions.

Fingers crossed.


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Apr 08, 2009
Shop Roasters
by: Anonymous

There are many equipment options for shop roasting out there if you search. Many coffee shop roaster are comming out with digital eyes that will give you a consisten roast every time. Green coffee in bulk can be purchased at as little as 2-3 dollars a pound increasing your bottom line signifigantly. Here are a few sites to look at.

Jan 05, 2009
Roast your own
by: ourcoffeebarn

If you are willing to have a learning curve to achieve the quality that you may be getting go for it. But try it at home first stove top or popcorn popper. I sell both green and roasted coffee to lot's of folks just like you. I think you could beat your $9 lb price with a different roaster that is about $3 or $4 a lb too high!

I am on Twitter and my own site

Our Coffee Barn

Jan 05, 2009
Should I get into commercial coffee roasting?
by: Anonymous

I believe the Coffee Detective and I are both on twitter. There are a lot of people in the coffee industry that are using twitter to interact with other coffee people. Try following the Coffee Detective and be connected. I'm sure, you'll find a lot of help there specially with other coffee roasters.

Jan 05, 2009
some thoughts
by: Chris, Common Grind

Well I'm not a roaster, however I have worked as Head Barista in coffee bars in the UK for a few years.

It's something a couple of bars I worked at looked into. But for me, I've always felt that it's better to let a roaster do the work for you.

A couple of things to bear in mind. You will screw up roasts, and lose full batches of coffee. Also, roasters can offer the coffee at the prices they do due to the ability to buy green beans in bulk, you may find that with your increased prices, plus extra man hours and energy costs, that it isn't worthwhile.

Sorry I can't give figures, but hope that I've helped.

Chris, Common Grind

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