Ceramic vs Steel burr coffee grinders.

by Barbara Chacon
(Monument, CO)

A Chemex brewer and Kyocera hand coffee grinder.

A Chemex brewer and Kyocera hand coffee grinder.


I normally use a French Press and just yesterday bought an Aeropress. It's just my husband and I at home, but for when company comes I was thinking of getting a large Chemex.

Two questions.

1) I watched your video on the Kyocera ceramic grinder and wanted to know if you prefer that model over the typical steel grinders that sit atop a wooden box. I would like to start grinding my own beans so that I have the correct grind for whatever brewing method I am using.

2) Would the Chemex use the same grind as the French Press?



First, let me apologize for being so incredibly slow to answer your question. I print all the questions out, as they come in, and somehow yours got totally lost – for over a year!

Sorry about that!

Anyway, you pose a good question. The answer may come too late for you, but hopefully other readers will appreciate both the question and the answer.

In answer to your first question, I do prefer the Kyocera to the traditional box-like grinders with steel burrs. For a couple of reasons.

Ceramic burrs run a little cooler than steel burrs, and there are some coffee experts who think the extra heat burns off some of the oils and impacts the flavor of the coffee. I haven’t noticed this myself, and I’m not sure the argument would even apply to hand-grinding.

For me, the bigger issue when it comes to small, hand coffee grinders is the control – or lack of control - over the fineness of the grind.

The Kyocera gives you fantastic control. By adjusting the screw at the top you can adjust the distance between the burrs a tiny bit at a time. This is great for when you want to switch between grinding coffee for different brewing methods.

My experience with the box grinders is that everything feels a bit looser, and some don’t let you adjust the grind size at all.

As for your second question, no I wouldn’t user the exact same grind for both a French press and a Chemex. For the Chemex you want a grind that is about mid-way between what you would use for a drip brewer and a French press.

In other words, the grind for the Chemex should be finer than what you use for the French press.

My apologies again for the delay in responding!


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Aug 29, 2015
pound for pound
by: pistachio

just sayin.......

in a pinch,, for example,, if the power fails...

beans in a cotton sock pounded to perfection with a cutlet mallet works fine........

[the mallet can be metal or wood, Ceramic or Steel!]


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