Did Yuban Original Medium Roast Formulation Change Its Flavor?

Yuban Company confirmed to me that it changed the formulation to Yuban Original.

The product label says 100% Arabica Premium Beans are still used.

It no longer says Columbian only, and for the old timers, I remember Juan Valdez with his mule hauling Yuban beans to roasting.

So, I ask you bloggers, does Yuban taste better or worse now? Should Yuban have left the formula along?

I am getting a refund on the last 2 44 ounce cans I bought.

I miss the edge on the coffee that I loved about Yuban, and so there is no reason to patronize Yuban anymore. MAYBE the changed taste is by using lesser grade arabica beans.

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Oct 20, 2014
by: JavaChic

I have also noticed that I am not getting the edge or flavor with the Yuban coffee.

After having nausea several mornings straight, I simply googled... and found this sight.

I won't be purchasing it anymore.

Oct 10, 2014
Still using 100% Arabica Beans
by: natalie

I got this from their website - wanted to share :)

Why won't Yuban be made with 100 percent Colombian beans anymore?


Our product development team worked diligently to ensure that Yuban Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee has the same great taste as original Yuban coffee. In fact, Yuban Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee will continue to be made with 100 percent Arabica beans - the highest quality coffee beans available, sourced from some of the finest beans grown in Central and South America. The difference now is that the beans for Yuban coffee will be sourced from various countries in Central and South America, including Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru.

Oct 10, 2014
What did you all change to?
by: natalie

I LOVE Yuban - it's getting a little pricey and If you guys have noticed a change in flavor I would love to know what you switched to? I can't drink Maxwell house or Folgers...or most coffees out there. They either taste too nutty or woody. What are you drinking now? If you loved Yuban I know I'm in good hands :)

Oct 10, 2014
Another good coffee..
by: Brian

I just bought a can of MJB Columbian a few days ago and it is real tasty..Try it.

Oct 10, 2014
I thought it was just me!!!
by: Tina

Holy cow, I used to LOVE Yuban. I noticed it has lost a lot of flavor. What used to be almost chocolatey is just... not. I am glad to see there are others in the same position of hating it. I had bought 4 big cans of it at Costco, and finally I'm done. Now, onto something else. I use a Filtron cold steep method, and I will miss you, former Yuban. The search is on.

Sep 26, 2014
yuban not the same
by: Anonymous

I thought something was different. Thank I sure will miss the old flavor and especially the aroma.....

Sep 24, 2014
I want my Columbian Coffee back
by: Anonymous

I have drank Yuban forever but ever since you changed it I just go from Brand to Brand.

Want my Yuban back and if that means you have to raise prices then do it I find it hard to believe that Yuban is willing to put their name on something so awfull.

Sep 13, 2014
Well there you go...
by: Anonymous

Nice that you can still enjoy Yuban coffee... Personally, the taste has gone south for me. I jumped ship to Folgers Black Silk.

Sep 12, 2014
yuban is great!
by: Anonymous

I think yuban tastes better than it ever has

Sep 11, 2014
Bye bye Yuban
by: Anonymous

I have drank Yuban for 20+ years. No more. The new aroma is nauseating and the taste is anemic. I drink coffee black, no additives, and have always made it extra strong. Time for a new brand.

Sep 02, 2014
yuban making me sick to my stomach
by: Anonymous

i couldn't figure out why i was feeling so nauseated every morning. finally figured out it is my yuban coffee. i have been drinking it for years but after i opened my last can i started feeling very ill after having my morning coffee.
so irritating! goodbye yuban.

Sep 01, 2014
What the!!!
by: Anonymous

I always thought it was me! I used to love Yuban but now it is absolutely awful. K cups are even worse. So glad I found this page. Bye bye Yuban

Aug 25, 2014
Now it make sense
by: Anonymous

Whoa...I thought it was my taste buds. I have been with Yuban for over 20 years. Noticed it tasting different so played with things from water to filters, etc. but it's the "new and improved" COFFEE itself. Wish it wasn't so but- Goodbye Yuban.

Aug 22, 2014
by: Bronx Mike

Kraft saves a few pennies and destroys a premium brand.
How does that make sense?

Aug 21, 2014
Yuban coffee is terrible now
by: Anonymous

I drank only Yuban Columbian coffee for many years and suddenly the coffee was terrible to the point I wasn't drinking coffee thinking something was wrong with my taste buds. I finally found the problem, not Columbian coffee beans. I am buying Folgers Columbian now not as good but much better than the now Yuban!!!! Very upset!!!

Aug 04, 2014
No more Yuban for me!
by: Quiet Crow

I have been drinking Yuban organic roast coffee for the past five years--loved it. I live in a rural area so I would buy 5 cans at a time when I was in the city. Two weeks ago the coffee tasted horrible--so sour. I use a french press and tried different water, different amounts of coffee, different kettl, open a new can--nothing worked. Now I see these other comments and realize IT'S THE COFFEE! I truly doubt Kraft (or whoever owns Yuban at this point) cares whether or not they lose me as a customer. I would be willing to pay more for Yuban coffee in order to have the same taste and quality I've come to love (and guess what-- I will be paying more, only NOT to Yuban/Kraft because their coffee now tastes terrible).

Jul 21, 2014
Please change it back
by: Big Coffee Drinker

I also wondered what was up with the coffee. I finally find something I love and you change it. WHY we all ask. Why change something that was perfect? I have found the original gold coffee at Costco. I am hoping the will continue to have it. Otherwise I too will have to try and find something else. Do the people that make these choices really think we are all stupid and won't notice or do they not drink coffee? Come on Yuban change it back for us and the sake of your company!

Jul 14, 2014
So it's not my declining taste bud count
by: Win

I was off my Juan Valdez flavor for a few months. That bitter flavor hit me when I got a new can. Here I though it was my taste bud count going from 240 at age thirty to 88 at age seventy. What a relief to know that it's only the loss of true Columbian beans. Happy trails, Juan....

Jul 06, 2014
Why Yuban, why?
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking Yuban for years and a while back noticed it tasted different. I changed the amount of grinds, and even the type of water. It still tasted like, well, weak urine. So I googled it and found this page. My suspicions were right. They no longer advertise Colombian coffee. So I just bought a can of Don Francisco 100% Columbian and will see how that tastes. Sorry Yuban- after all these years you lost me.

Jul 06, 2014
The old New Coke, Classic Coke trick...
by: Anonymous

So after Kraft screws up the Yuban formula, They come back out with "Classic" Yuban and say they were "Just kidding" with the new garbage coffee...
Let us see....

Jul 02, 2014
From Best to Worst
by: Ban New Yuban

I'm another old timer that has been drinking Yuban since the 70's. I could always spot the great and distinctive taste. When I would go out to eat there seemed to be only two types of coffee - generic piss and Yuban. Now there is only one.

I noticed the change like others did. I had an old can in my "emergency kit" that was about five years old. I did a side-by-side with 5 year old Real Yuban and fresh New Crap. Even somewhat stale it was still much better then the new stuff.

Hope someone discovers a few palettes of the old stuff lost in a warehouse - even if it is 10 years old. I'll bet it is still better then the new stuff. It would probably bring about $200 a can on EBay!

Jun 28, 2014
blech. it's awful.
by: Nancy

My 90 year-old mother has been telling me for several weeks that her always favored, forever used Yuban Medium Roast Coffee had changed. I chalked it up to her age and to the fact that she can't really taste many things these days.

This morning, she asked me to try it. I am a French press, gourmet blend coffee drinker but I decided I would taste it for her. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. What absolutely horrible coffee!! There is NO coffee flavor whatsoever...just as she's been saying.

I'm glad that I was able to come to this site and see that others feel the same way. My mother will now know she's not crazy (haha) and that the company has changed their beans.

My mom will certainly be looking for a new coffee...Folgers or Hills Bros., anyone?

Jun 25, 2014
really pissed
by: Anonymous

go back to old formula, packing bottle, and label

Jun 24, 2014
The whole yuban experience
by: Paul

The change in taste is only a part of it. the label with the dark theme, coffee plants, and the overall feel is what I am so angry about losing. I and all my family and friends have been advised to stop buying this new stuff. does someone from Yuban actually read this blog?

Jun 24, 2014
Bye Bye Yuban
by: Anonymous

Every morning we woke up to Yuban.. For years. Lately my husband thought I switched coffee. It is horrid. I tried different water and different coffee makers I was so sure Yuban would not change.I was so wrong.. They changed, no longer says 100% Arabica beans.. No longer the Yuban we have known for years. Kraft must have sold out to a bean company genetically modified. We are sad...Actually put the unopened cans in Goodwill..

Jun 16, 2014
Pulling the switch...
by: Anonymous

As mentioned previously; Folgers has two blends that are real good. Gourmet blend and my fave, Black Silk... Take the Silk for a test drive.. ;)

Jun 15, 2014
No longer drinking Yunan
by: Anonymous

I noticed about 6 months ago that the taste of Yuban wasn't exactly the same as that delicious brew I've
been savoring every morning for at least 30 years.

I kept on making it less strong because it's new after taste left me feeling sick. If the original came back I'd be the first in line to go "home." For now I'm trying various coffees and have not quite found the magic Yuban brew.

Jun 14, 2014
New Yuban is CRAP
by: bking

I have been drinking yuban since I was a kid in the late 60's. I noticed a change it the taste when Kraft Foods bought them a few years ago. I bought 4 cans about two weeks ago and the taste is so acidic I thought that my coffee maker was dirty, so I cleaned it. NOPE new crappy formula from Kraft, don't try calling the 800# on the can they "haven't changed anything" YEAH right.They wanted to know the batch code and said they would look into it. I guess that Kraft doesn't care about customer loyalty. I am done with Kraft Foods.

Jun 11, 2014
Yuban Coffee
by: Janet Blair

I have ONLY drunk Yuban Traditional or Original Roast Coffee exclusively since I tried it for the first time in 1984/85. I do not like the taste of Yuban Gold, it does not taste the same. I don't know what you have done differently to your coffee but I am very disappointed. I ordered Traditional Yuban on Amazon sold by Stellar Depot and they sent me Yuban Gold. I hate Yuban Gold. I might as well get Folgers at the grocery store instead of going to the trouble of getting it on line (which I have to do since no one in Ohio sells Yuban). I want to send it back and get my money back as I will not drink it. My e- mail address is: greeneyedblond47@gmail.com. Please respond.

Jun 04, 2014
Yuban no wayno
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one who noticed this years ago! Colombian beans are the best! They messed it up.

Jun 01, 2014
Good bye to Yuban after decades
by: Anonymous

I've been a faithful Yuban user for decades. It never ceases to amaze me that big business really believes that saving themselves a little money gets them rave reviews from consumers. This coffee now is right up there with MJB and Folgers, disgusting. I have found a 100% Columbian Coffee distributed through ShopSmart grocery stores under the Essentials brand. If you remember the old Yuban this stuff is the bomb. Try it, and it's worlds cheeper when it's on sale (average $6.00 a can), and I don't need to drive 30 miles (I live pretty rural)to get Yuban on sale or just plain less expensive. If the Yuban company is listening, you've really screwed this one up right along with your faithful consumers.

May 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

I just found out that Yuban changed their formula. I hear also that Yuban is not 100% Columbian caffe. I thought I just couldn't make coffee right anymore. Yuban regular no longer states it is made with 100% Columbian beans.
I'm going to which to another brand. Why did Yuban mess with a winner?!

May 18, 2014
Bad move by Kraft
by: Anonymous

Maybe Kraft is trying to bankrupt this brand for a tax write off?

May 15, 2014
Yuban is still good
by: vic

Okay, I don't get it. I left a comment several months ago saying that I still like Yuban. I see nothing but negative comments about it. I serve coffee for guests and everybody tells me how good it is. I don't know why all the negative comments. Yuban is still good and I don't taste or smell any difference in the past 10 years.

May 14, 2014
Bye bye Yuban......
by: Anonymous


I'm convinced. The Folgers Gourmet roast and Black Silk scared the old Yuban right out of my percolator....
As I had said before, the Yuban is local to me so I wanted to be loyal to the brand, but taste is the bottom line and the Folger's has it beat in spades! I urge you folks that are disappointed in the Yuban blends to try the Folgers.

I do Not work for Folgers either.... Just good coffee.

May 03, 2014
Love it either way
by: Mitzi

I've drank this stuff since 1984 when 7-11 used it in their coffee makers, not sure if they still do or not. Honestly-I hadn't even noticed a difference-when did they change it?? I have the can with the black lid (supposedly the new blend). I can't stand to drink any other kind of coffee because it tastes so bitter to me. I'm really surprised I didn't notice they'd changed it but it's still my favorite either way.

Apr 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

I loved the old original flavor. I am sick and tired of companies changing things on the sly. No more Yuban for me. I will try and find something that comes as close as possible.

Apr 16, 2014
Why did Yuban ditch loyal customers? Was it greed?
by: Bette Stieglitz

I loved Yuban and raved that it was by a percentage grown sustainably. Consequently asked our department to purchase Yuban for our use at work and for our customers.

I then noticed that the coffee had lost its flavor and aroma. I then looked again at the container
and noticed that there was no mention of the being
sustainably grown.

Upon this internet search, my worst fears have been
confirmed and Yuban will no longer be served by me or by my employer to customers.

Apr 12, 2014
by: frank e

I have going crazy thinking there is something wrong with the milk the coffee macine the water. No its the coffee..No I can smell all is not right when the coffee gets used a few times I now can smell the coffee in the can and its just not right. I have to change to another brand I cant drink it..Goodbye yuban traditional...im done

Apr 12, 2014
Dark Silk Folgers
by: Rue

Hey ! thanks for the tip on Black Silk Folgers. I tried it and indeed it is good. So now I have found 2 coffees that works, both Folgers products.
I notice the price of Yuban here in Southern California has dropped dramatically ! Seems they can't give it away. lol

Mar 23, 2014
Folgers dark...
by: Anonymous

Hi Rue,

I'll have to try the Colombian dark roast. I know the "Black Silk" rocks....

Mar 16, 2014
by: Rue

So after buying and trying dozens of different brands this past 3 months ...finally have ended up with using Folgers Colombian dark roast and it has the caffeine I need and the taste is not too bad.
Yuban should never have changed their process...

Mar 07, 2014
I'm heartsick
by: mazie1956

One of life's greatest small pleasures for me has now dried up. I loved that mellow richness that almost tasted like caramel with a little half and half added. I have been on the hunt for a substitute for over a year now and haven't quite gotten there yet. Kraft screwed up bigtime! Oh well, I probably drank too much coffee anyway.

Feb 22, 2014
From the best coffee ever to the worst
by: Anonymous

I did not know they changed how the coffee was made, however I just could not take the smell of the coffee when brewing and the taste was not good at all I knew something was wrong I thought it was the plastic container, cause we were buying in the smaller package. so went back to the store and got the smaller package coffee not in plastic same bad taste asked my wife to find us another brand of coffee I just can not even get past the smell of it brewing. what is Yuban thinking they thought no one would notice. They have lost this coffee drinker. this new stuff is just plain nasty.

Feb 15, 2014
Dark roast weakness...
by: Brian

Was a big fan of Yubans dark/French roast coffee for many years. I then began to notice a lack of that extra roasting in the coffee. I picked up a can of Folgers 'Black Silk" and WOW... there was the flavor I was searching for! The Yuban factory is right down the street from me in San Leandro; had thought about crashing their facility and griping about the change.Just to let the Yuban folks know, that i'm perfectly willing to switch over to Folgers if you don't put this right.

Feb 09, 2014
Yuban change in test
by: Rue

I noticed the change in taste and there certainly is much less caffeine in the Original Medium ....I have a headache by noon time from less caffeine than I'm use to.

Too bad they had to go to cheaper beans and who knows what else they're putting in there now.

I'm going to another brand and to whole beans in hopes of finding good coffee again

Jan 19, 2014
Changing a good thing.
by: Anonymous

Who would have made a corporate decision to change a formula that has been for years. Sounds like the guy that made the changes at Scotty's Hardware and JC Penneys is now working for Yuban. What a shame.

Jan 19, 2014
Pick another coffee
by: Cynthia

I heard that Yuban was purchased by Folgers or Maxwell House a few years back?? Not sure but those are the two coffee's that taste the worst to me.
I have been able to drink Starbucks and eight o'clock but not as enjoyable as the old Yuban.

Jan 18, 2014
The new formulated Traditional
by: Anonymous

I was buying 2 cases of coffee at a time from Amazon and one shipment said Original on the can ..... the next box of two cases said Traditional. There is a distinct difference. The traditional is absolutely HORRID tasting. I will now need to start exploring new brands of coffee. So mad at myself for having so many cans on hand of a horrid coffee. I can't seem to TRUST any company to make their product the same. Always cutting back for a dollar. Well, they lost this long time coffee drinker.

Jan 17, 2014
A sad day
by: sharona

I have never cared for Starbucks coffee, I have always consumed Yuban. It was always exactly what I expected every time. Well, till lately. My husband stockedpiled me with 1 pound (or not quite a pount) cans recently..and I was thrilled. Then I noticed it had a black lid. So opened my first can, Hm, coffee is flat, just not right, maybe it's my taste buds??? made excuses left and right. Nope 3 cans later..it still flat! SO disappointed. I should take back all the ones he did buy and find another brand..any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2014
Yuban Yuban Yuban AD NAUSEAM 1.
by: pistachio

....here is a list of the most popular US coffee brands.

Any comments on whats good and what is not !

Maxwell House
Chock Full O'Nuts
Seattle's Best
Eight O'Clock
Green Mountain Roasters
Dunkin Donuts
Peet's Coffee & Tea


Jan 13, 2014
Junk coffee
by: Anonymous

They have changed its junk compared to what it used to be, i see thats why the stores have it on sale; they are trying to get rid of it. so am I;

Jan 05, 2014
by: Cynthia

Waking up every morning, having a cup in the evening with desert. Smelling the wonderful smell as I opened the can. Brewing a pot as it filled the house with the rich, smooth smell of the best coffee I have ever had. I bragged about it. NO MORE! My kids and friends have for years purchased Yuban for my birthday, and Christmas. I horded it. This last Christmas I received 8 large tubs from a friend. As I was so excited when I opened the box I immediately opened one of the tubs to find it had the worst smell, it stunk. I thought it had to be the plastic container it was stored in. I brewed a pot and much to my surprise it was the worst coffee I had ever had. The acid was so bad that I could taste it in the first sip. The next morning I tried again thinking I had messed up my measurements. I normally drink a pot in the mornings and close to one in the evenings. It has been a little over a week and I have no desire to make coffee, Yuban. I have returned all the unopened coffee to my friend so he can return it to the store. I am sad to lose something I enjoyed for so many years. It was one thing I looked forward to each day. The comments that I have read about the formulation not changing is bullshit. I am assuming that they think we are idiots. How sad..........

Dec 30, 2013
Missing Yuban
by: Jeff in MS

My Aunt introduced me to Yuban over 45 years ago. She also introduced our family to Farberware's 2-4 cup percolator. Seems like Yuban did a commercial using a Farberware. Anyway, the percolators remain in the kitchens of many of my family members but my Aunt and her beloved Yuban are deceased. I hope the company will resurrect Yuban...as it should be. In the meantime, I agree with the comment about Eight O'clock Columbian. It's good and if you can get Red Diamond from Alabama it's good too. I like the result I get from blending a large can of Red Diamond and the small bag of 8 o'clock Columbian. Happy Coffee Hunting to you fellow conisieurs !!!

Nov 29, 2013
Yuban still makes some good coffee
by: Vic

It looks like I'm in the minority here but I still love Yuban traditional roast premium coffee that I buy from Walmart because they always have it. I used to buy Yuban from Costco when they have it but it's called Premium Gold and I don't like it nearly as much. I thought it was my imagination a couple of years ago when I noticed I didn't like the coffee from Costo as well. I thought that that Yuban was just...Yuban, but I've learned that there's a big difference. Even on sale at a really good price at Costco I don't buy that anymore. I still get a good price on the traditional roast premium coffee at Walmart and buy several cans at a time. I've never found coffee that I like more.

Nov 17, 2013
by: Anonymous


Nov 04, 2013
Yuban dishwater
by: Ron

Yuban canned coffee is definetly bad. Not made with ultra cheap beans. Tastes Terrible. Kraft foods obvislly has some young college kid who don't drink coffee in charge. All for quantity not quality. They killed a good thing. Never buy yuban again.

Oct 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

The Yuban that was 100% Colombian tasted 100% better than the Arabica that we have now. I would buy it even if i had to pay more, but can't find it anywhere.

Sep 23, 2013
Yuban Original Blend
by: Anonymous

Yes, I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find the 'original blend' in any store anywhere. So I bought the pacific blend...YUK and then the traditional blend...YUK. I even called Kraft who now owns Yuban and they said oh no we haven't changed a thing...the coffee that you bought must have been left where it was HUMID....well....I don't live in a place where it is ever HUMID. Needless to say they gave me the run run run around and I will not be buying Yuban coffee again, which makes me sick because I really counted on that cup of Yuban 'original' every morning.

Sep 11, 2013
by: Faith Bates

OH MY... it has changed. I am so crazy particular with my coffee flavor... just plain coffee with small amount of half/half. I don't care for sweetener's or flavors but now I need them to hide the terrible flavor. It used to make the house smell sooooo great...now it's just horrible.
I am sad. It now has the smell - when you go to someone else's house and you smell coffee brewing and you think to yourself...THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREW OR CHOOSE COFFEE....lol .. it's that bad.

Aug 28, 2013
Dish Water
by: Anonymous

Yes, I know they did since last year 2012 it tasted good the way it has been for years, but when I moved to another state last year in the summer or after couldn't find original and I kept saying the traditional is not original, the stores like wal-mart kept saying the traditional is original and I said no it's not. Something was amiss with this so I finally found out today that you all just change the formulation on good coffee, you'll be sorry when customer's start to leave this brand and go with something else like I just did today I was getting to the point I could not stand it anymore so I switched to another brand, I ask someone today what he thought of the coffee I knew I didn't like it and he said it tasted like dish water, not really a flavor and weak in taste. I have better results using instant than your coffee to wake up in the mornings but I will just stop for now before the blood starts to boil. Anything to make a profit with less product and to change to a weaker flavor that taste like crap.

Aug 17, 2013
Yuban is now awful....
by: Jeffrey D

I grabbed the coffee off the shelf at Publix and took it home only to discover that it tasted just like Folger's Special Roast - whatever that is...It is simply awful now. And to make matters worse, there is no Rainforest Alliance certification anywhere on the can. I will NOT be buying Yuban again!

Aug 02, 2013
Consumer of good brand American foods.
by: barbara Leighton

My belief is this, FILLERS are used to dilute the wonderful smell and taste of Yuban coffee. I no longer drink it, even when they lower the price less than Folgers.

My 2nd observation is this, its being made in CHINA?, just as so many of our brand names are now, we have been shot down again? Why does it only say distributed by small town USA, why doesn't it say "made in USA", anymore?

There are so many out there good Brand names that have lost us long time consumers...I just wrote to Mrs Butterworth syrup and told them they needed to change their Ad from Thick & Rich to Thin & Runny...

One more thing to say: I don't like the fact a country that HATES America, have the Ability to POISON us! LOOK what made in China DOG FOOD did...

Jul 25, 2013
Suggested Alternatives to Yuban
by: Susan

Like many posting here, I used Yuban for 40 years and knew they had ruined it with the recent change. Try Mount Hagen organic instant coffee. It is quite good and the closest I can find to the old Yuban. It does cost a couple dollars more for the jar, but it is organic, and the glass jar is far preferable to all of the plastic containers most instant coffees come in these days.

Two other brands I've used which are also quite acceptable are Trader Joe's and Medaglia d’Oro Espresso Coffee from Italy. On Amazon, Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee (Dutch) and Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee from Germany both received top comments/ratings from people.

Jul 19, 2013
I mourn the old Yuban too
by: Black Blood

The Yuban Traditional was my staple for over 10yrs. I have tried ALL the coffees, and it was my prize. Now all I find is what they call Original, and there is Definitely a difference in taste and edge. Arabica is typically ok for those who like strong, and there's a lot out there who do it well. But nothing compared to Yuban's Columbian. I Totally agree, I want the donkey rider not the camel rider on this brands coffee! I've had to switch brands, and now am going through another round of where is my "prize" coffee found? But, these days it's a Lot more expensive. I can Only assume Yuban left it's ways of better barganing for farmers in Columbia because of their constant internal conflict, Or someone else took over the company and decided to take it to a different level. But... I assure you , you are Not the only one mourning the loss... and Anyone who knows what it is like to find that "go to" home brew, will empathize. Continually.

May 26, 2013
enough is Too much......
by: pistachio

I think this site should be renamed---->

---->Lets Bitch about Yuban.com

Can A n y o n e think of a new topic or some findings about a good replacement!!

I think it is not Over A Year that this is going on and on and on and .........guess!....... onnnnnnnn!!!!

Has anyone written to Yuban for a response??

For me,, Yuban was a good coffee - nothing more....so,, I am not going to pursue that.....

Folgers coffee has also changed and the taste is gone.....

Maxwell house also changed some time back and lost their better flavor... good to the last drop!....

I have found that the Latin / Spanish coffees that come in brick packs and another - Cafe Bustelo that also come in cans are generally Very Good and do not have the high price tags of the ''gourmet shelf''.......to name another Caribe and there are many others... but you may have to find to the sides of the typical canned coffees.

The latin coffees are quite robust the only problem I have found is the the grind is much more fine than typical American coffee...

What I do to get ahead of that problem is mix in a scoop or two of the typical coarser ground coffee to sort of stabilize the mix.....

ok,,,, that is my two cents......

let me just say that COFFEE is one of the greatest pleasures of my life....

to wit...... if there is No coffee in the afterlife / I Ain't Goin!....... LoL!

May 25, 2013
Bitter Yuban
by: Anonymous

I have used Yuban coffee for over 40 years. They used to sell it in 48oz cans. It now comes in 29oz cans. The good rich flavor is gone and it tastes bitter and the smell is no longer enjoyable. I wonder if they let some of their donkeys loose in the fields to relieve themselves on the plants. That is how bad it tastes. Let me know if we ever get the good Yuban back. Until then I will be finding a new brand of coffee.

May 21, 2013
Yuban tastes like Folgers now
by: Anonymous

I found this comment site because I thought maybe I wasn't going crazy and they really DID change Yuban instant. I've been drinking it for at least a decade, I never liked the other kinds of instants at all but I did like Yuban. But I noticed a couple of months ago that a new jar I had bought tasted to me just like Folgers! a brand I never liked. I agree with the comment that it now tastes like vending machine coffee from a bus station, pretty funny. So, at least now I know the change IS real, and I won't be buying it any more.

May 18, 2013
knew something was different
by: Anonymous

i knew something was different.It used to fill up my house with it's beautiful aroma and the taste was captivATING.i NOTICED A CHANGE A WHILE BACK IN THE TASTE!SHAME ON YOU YUban!

May 08, 2013
tree of woe !
by: pistachio

wow!..... all this lamenting about Yuban,,,

ok,,,,,, it's Over...... no more Yuban,,,,, Pan Am is out of business and we near the apocalypse......

has anyone found a good switch to coffee now that YUBAN IS HISTORY and Juan Valdez is passed on????

come on people....

for instance / Eight O'clock Columbian is really very good and worth a try..... I do not think you will be disappointed.......


May 08, 2013
Yuban Coffee bean swap sucks!
by: Anonymous

Yuban coffee is no longer the smooth non bitter coffee it once was. I'd like to know when the change occurred. This new version is horrible! I just sent an email to Kraft Foods asking for a refund. I want Juan Valdez back!

Apr 28, 2013
still lousy after another year!
by: former yuban fan

I posted over a year ago....but...thought I would give the "new packaging" plastic canister a try....Guess what...Yuban is still LOUSY....LOUSY...The only coffee I found, though still not like Yuban once was...is Folgers Dark Roast...I am thinking of giving up coffee for good....I had a Boss once, who did not drink coffeee....and used to call it "black water"....well I finally agree with him....Yuban tastes like black water that sat incardboard too long......I am going to try the interesting teas....and I have never been a tea drinker.....you can still get a very good cup of coffeee at McDonalds....but that does not help me when I am at home in the morning...until I start seeing many good revues, I am through (again!) with Yuban...money down the drain!!

Apr 28, 2013
barbara.........?? scoops ??
by: Anonymous

what size scoops are you talking about.......


Apr 25, 2013
coffee beans
by: Anonymous

I understand that currently the leading producers of coffee are Brazil and Vietnam. They are grown in massive commercial plantations and ground coffee may include filler additives, particularly the coffee from Vietnam. The best coffee is currently produced in Guatamala and some of the other central american countries. Does anyone have any additional information on the processing of the more inexpensive coffees?

Apr 23, 2013
YES it tastes like FOLGERS
by: barbara Leighton

Yes! Yes Yes! I've used Dark Roast Yuban,for the last 20 yrs. The dark roast was so full of FILLERS now, in the last 6 months; that it taste like Folgers. I love a dark roast coffee. I would put in 1 1/2 scoops for 6 1/2 cups...It was strong, but I always had my first pot this way.

When I make a pot of coffee recently last 2 months, since Fred Meyers SOLD out their Stock of Yuban, it is WEAK...and this new PURCHASE is FULL of FILLERS!...Now I have to use 1/2 scoops for 4 1/2 cups, and even at that it is not Yuban!

I am now looking for a NEW Coffee that is what it is!

Apr 14, 2013
What happened??
by: why?

I wondered what the difference in Original and Traditional Yuban was. Several years ago there was a demonstration at the local mall put on by Yuban. I think it was when they brought out whole beans for purchase. The demonstration coffee was the very best cup of coffee I have ever had. Seriously the best!I can still remember how it tasted. Yuban has not even come close to that flavor since they obviously changed the whole bean thing and the taste went away. Just bought a can of Traditional. I'll try it .

Apr 14, 2013
missing my coffee!
by: Traci

I am on the hunt for a new coffee!Someone said they were pleasantly surprised with Folgers Black Silk...any more suggestions?

Apr 09, 2013
what the?
by: Anonymous

So glad to have found this site. I thought I was going curazy!
They did change the formula. After all these years I thought I had something that would stick around but get in line YuGone. My marriage is over by job caput and now you. Farewell!

Apr 07, 2013
missing my coffee!
by: Traci

Please bring back Original!!!Nothing compares!

Apr 06, 2013
Why ...
by: Anonymous

... did yuban change a great tasting coffee? Do the founders of Yuban plan on a come back?

Anyone know where the Orignal can be found and still be bought?

Mar 26, 2013
by: Nicki

I am glad to read these comments because I thought maybe my taste buds were going. I have enjoyed Yuban Instant for years. The new container I bought last week, with the brown lid incidentally, is not what I've been enjoying from Yuban all this time. It is truly lousy coffee, like something from one of those old vending machines at a bus station. Kraft, I would happily pay more for the old product.
Meanwhile I don't have time to brew during the week; Maybe coffee it's time to make coffee a weekend thing.

Mar 23, 2013
ok,, enough already.........
by: pistachio

come onnnnnnn,,,,, I think we have Exhausted this Yuban gone with the wind issue....

how about some of you talking about some other coffee on the market that you have searched to replace Yuban.......

I have found that a point in time a few years back many of my regular Supermarket brands started to have a cardboard taste [ really!.. the coffee smelled and tasted the way wet card board smells]

Let's find something else good / maybe we can all help each other.....


Mar 22, 2013
BF Complained
by: Ruthie

I only bought Yuban because it must have been on sale and my boyfriend is a coffee drinker - I am not. This morning he complained that it was terrible and he had mentioned it earlier this week as well. I never buy generic coffee and thought that Yuban was a trusted brand that's been around for decades. I'm so glad I found this site because I will never buy it again. Any suggestions to make it taste better? I think I'm going to buy a can of trusted Folgers and try 3 to 1 ratio.

Mar 18, 2013
cheap cheap cheap
by: dale

yuban original coffee drinker for the last 18 years,bought the traditional,could no longer locate the original,they have changed there bean,the coffee is weak,cheap tasting water down coffee i have ever had.gas station coffee taste better than this,someone should be fired over this,they have lost anotehr loyal customer

Mar 10, 2013
Please Bring The Original Yuban Back
by: Leslie

The new blend is horrible and whoever made the decision to adopt it should be fired. Yuban is losing thousands of loyal customers!

Mar 07, 2013
Not our coffee anymore
by: Hector and Florencia

We have been enjoying Yuban Instant coffee for 25 years and always enjoyed it's good taste over any other brands of coffee. Lately, coincidnetly with the lid change from yellow to brown, we noticed the coffee was not the same, in fact it was tasteless and had no aroma, even when we first opened the jar it smelled like wet cardboard not fresh coffee. We are very dissapponted with this change and we are now looking for a different brand and even if we don't find something better we will NOT buy Yuban since this coffee is disgusting, it tastes even worse than the other brands we did not buy in the past because Yuban was better. We even took the coffee with us when we traveled to Argentina, Europe and even the East Coast since they don't sell Yuban Instant in Virginia. Can we get Yuban back??? Thank you!

Mar 01, 2013
Yuban can't trick old timers
by: Michael

I've been drinking Yuban Columbian for 20+ years and now it's. . . . just like some other cheap coffee.
I'm on the search for a new coffee for the next 20 years. Shame on you Kraft!

Mar 01, 2013
I might as well buy Folgers (yuk)
by: Emily

Yuban now smells and tastes like the lowest grade coffee.Its unique smell and taste are gone.I won't be buying it anymore.

Feb 24, 2013
Just as bad as the other commercial brands now
by: David Dawson

I was accusing my wife of buying some cheap coffee. She said, "No, it's Yuban!" It not only tastes bad now, it doesn't even smell good in the can. Why they would jack up the best coffee is beyond me. Guess I'll be finding something else to brew.

Feb 12, 2013
Different and most undesirable taste.
by: Anonymous

I was asking my wife if she was changing the mix of Yuban she was putting in the coffee maker. I just did not taste like the old Columbia coffee I remember. Well I guess we need to find a new Columbia coffee. My search is on.

Feb 02, 2013
Yuban instant just as bad
by: Anonymous

I've drank Yuban's instant Coffee for as long as I can remember, with my Grandmother as a child .... recently I noticed a bitter taste to it. I use flavored creamer and it can not
cover the bitterness.
I intend to complain to Kraft, what good it will do, I don't know,
but it's worth the therapy at least.

Jan 17, 2013
Yuban's changed beans
by: Shame on Kraft

What a disappointment! Yuban has been my inexpensive coffee choice for years (I buy it from Sam's Club). I have been very happy with the taste for the price ratio when it was 100% Arabica. Now the container says 100% pure coffee and tastes terrible! I will no longer purchase this coffee, and upon reading reviews, many others will stop purchasing also.
An excellent (yet costlier) alternative is Magnum's Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend, (must be ordered on Costco.com) 4 lbs. for $34.99 shipped
*** This can be found at TJ Maxx type stores in the 1 lb. package, but it is ground and not nearly as good

Jan 14, 2013
Bad coffee
by: Anonymous

Been drinking Yuban for 40 years or so. Just recently when they dropped the ingredients to "pure coffee" marked the end of that.

Jan 11, 2013
Yuban instant
by: Anonymous

I've been making Ice coffee with yuban instant for many years and returned the last three jars! They have changed something and it's yukban now

Dec 17, 2012
Same old taste
by: Rich

Used to drink Yuban when I lived in L.A. 36 years ago. Suddenly it shows up on the shelf in Big Lots store here in OH. Bought a can and tried it. Found it to be better than Folger's arosta bean coffee I had been buying. But someone taped over the 100% arabica on the Yuban label with a 100% pure coffee mini tape label. I guess that was because the original label read colombian as the country of origin.

Dec 12, 2012
Terrible Coffee
by: Bob

I have been drinking Yuban for over 20 years. I instantly knew when they changed their coffee and I will not purchase it any longer - horrible tasting with no columbian kick to it at all.

Dec 07, 2012
by: Janet

Yuban WAS the best. It now is inferior in all aspects!!! I buy organic fabulous coffee. Worth the cost.

Mar 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

It is awful now!!!! We used this forever and loved it and visitors always raved about our coffee. I am so disappointed, and I too bought 4 cans on sale, and I'm stuck because I kept opening them to be sure it wasn't a fluke. I truly miss the old Yuban. (:

Mar 02, 2012
I agree!!
by: Anonymous

Yuban used to be my favorite store bought coffee but now it tastes like old, nasty church coffee!! It's the worst and I am really disappointed!

Feb 09, 2012
Yuban Doesn't Tast Like Yuban Anymore
by: Anonymous

I brewed a pot of Yuban and for the first time, it tasted bitter. I compared the two cans I had purchased and one said it was roasted in California. You have ruined the distinct taste of Yuban Coffee. I think you made a very big mistake and you should go back to the original recipe.

Oct 20, 2011
You are correct
by: Anonymous

Yes indeed Yuban no longer tastes good. I used it for years and can really tell the difference. The only older name brands that are any good now are Folgers and Maxwell House. If you want a good cup of strong coffee that's not bitter, try Folgers Black Silk - I was pleasantly surprised.

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