How can I cool my coffee down quickly?

by Dan

See the iced coffee cubes on the right...

See the iced coffee cubes on the right...


I make myself a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes don’t have time to drink it all before I have to run ut the door to catch my bus. Do you know of any fast ways to cool down a mug of coffee that has already been poured, but is too hot to drink in a hurry?


Dan, hi

Well... I guess a lot of answers jump to mind... like maybe making your coffee a little earlier, so you have time for it to cool, and then drink it without having to rush?

Or get yourself a travel mug, so you can take it with you on the bus?

But... assuming you just want a straight answer... I would guess that the fastest way to cool down a cup of hot coffee, without diluting it, is to use iced cubes of coffee.

That is to say, ice cubes that are frozen blocks of strong, black coffee.

So... first make a pot of strong coffee and let it cool to room temperature. Then pour it into one or more ice cube trays and put it in the freezer.

The next time you want to cool down a mug of coffee in a hurry you can just drop one or more iced ‘coffee cubes’ into your coffee.

And when summer comes, you can use the same iced coffee cubes when you’re making iced coffee drinks.

I hope this answers your question!

Best wishes,


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Dec 18, 2016
Even easier
by: Anonymous

Just take a plastic sandwich bag and put some ice cubes in it then float the bag of ice cubes in the coffe. It w
Will be cold in 5 minutes

Dec 02, 2016
cool !
by: pistachio

Sounds to me like you are ten minutes behind,,,,

I like the coffee cubes idea but I think that is better for Iced Coffee...

You could try keeping your coffee mug in the freezer. So when you pour your hot coffee in it will immediately cool to a more consumable temp.

I would put a spoon in the mug first to help absorb thermal shock, or just keep the spoon in the mug in the freezer too....


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