How long does a Keurig brewer last?

by Pam
(Hudson, NY)

The Spank and Burp fix for Keurig brewers.

The Spank and Burp fix for Keurig brewers.


I have had my Keurig K45 for about a year now and then last week it suddenly stopped working. It comes on all right, but when I press the button it doesn’t make any coffee.

Is this normal that a Keurig brewer lasts for less than one year? Doesn’t seem right to me.



Pam, hi

I have one of the original Keurig brewers and it’s still going strong. A bit beaten up, and I sometimes have problems with the buttons sticking, but otherwise OK.

That said, you’re not alone in wondering why your Keurig brewer doesn’t work anymore. A lot of other people are wondering why their Keurigs have stopped working, and want to know how long a Keurig brewer typically lasts.

Here are some of the issues we commonly hear about:

- My Keurig descaling light stays on

- My Keurig doesn't make a full cup of coffee

- My Keurig doesn't brew at all

As it turns out, there is a simple and totally weird fix for Keurig brewers when they stop working.

It’s called the “slap and burp” fix. At least, that’s what we call it.

If you have any of the problems above, and have already tried descaling the brewer, here’s something you can try.

Step 1: Unplug the brewer and remove both the water reservoir and drip tray.

Step 2: Hold the brewer upside down over the sink and slap the base a few times. And I mean really slap it.

Step 3: Put everything back together and try brewing again. Most of the time this works with a couple of good slaps. If not, try it again.

I know, it sounds weird. But hundreds of people have tried it and brought their Keurig brewers back to life.

One of our readers had the “my Keurig didn’t last very long” problem, tried the slap and burp fix, and then sent us this...

Tears of elation!
Proper caffeination!
Give the Keurig a spank?
I thought this was a prank!
It works, it works, it works!
Now my family can all quit being jerks!

Why does it work? The brewer stopped working because of an air bubble in the pump. When you turn the brewer upside down and spank it hard, that air bubble is released, the water flows in, and the problem is resolved.

In other words, it's not that Keurig brewers don't last very long. It's just that they have this air bubble problem that needs to be taken care of from time to time.

Good luck!


Comments for How long does a Keurig brewer last?

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Apr 18, 2017
by: Jimmyk

It worked!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Apr 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

My wife was on her way to Costco and was going to have her buy a new unit when I saw this. Back in business! Thank you!

Mar 24, 2017
Well.... it worked
by: George

Followed instructions and whacked the darn thing hard several time. Now my pessimism say how long will it keep working.

Mar 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

Had to do it twice -- but I now have a hot cup of coffee during the cold snow storm! Thanks!!

Mar 09, 2017
It worked!!!
by: Donna u

It worked!!!!!! I was skeptical but thought I would try it on my 2 year old Keurig. Thank you for saving me a hundred bucks!

Feb 25, 2017
This is Genius!!!
by: Anonymous

I love the internet and especially sites like this. My Platinum just stopped pulling water through. Tried cleaning the needles,p and desalination but now luck. Was ready to order a new one and saw this -- figured I had nothing to lose. Tried it and the machine now works like new. Thank you!!!!

Feb 25, 2017
by: Melonie

Got my Keurig in 2013.. had to burp it once in 2014.. passed technique into a few people..worked for everyone

Feb 22, 2017
8+ year old Keurig still working
by: Anonymous

I've had my Keurig for at over 8 years and have made at least 7,000 cups of coffee. I had to descale it once a few years ago. Best coffee maker I've ever owned.

Feb 19, 2017
Thumbs up!!!
by: Anonymous

Wow! Almost went and bought a new one!

Feb 11, 2017
Awesome Advice!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I was ready to go out and get a new machine today!

Jan 30, 2017
It won't stay on
by: Anonymous

Our Keurig at work shut down on it's own and will only stay on for about 5 seconds before turning itself off again. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?


Jan 25, 2017
It worked
by: Janet

My keyring is about two years old and would only brew half a cup. The spanking worked for me. Thank you!!!!

Jan 24, 2017
It worked!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig is only 4 years old, so when it stopped working this morning I was quite frustrated. Tried the spank & burp & it worked great! Yay! Thank you!

Jan 18, 2017
burp and slap
by: Tricia

it worked great!! Thank you very much Nick

Jan 13, 2017
by: Julie

Can I just say I LOVE YOU?!! Since nothing is made to last anymore, and I've had my work Keurig for about 2 years I just assumed I'd have to go buy a new one. But I thought I'd search online first to see how long they typically last before going bad and what do I find? Your SOLUTION!! Worked like a charm the first time. I'm so elated I'm going out shopping and spending 100.00 on myself instead. THANKS!

Jan 10, 2017
Burp your machine!!!
by: Susan N.


Jan 07, 2017
by: Michael

The burp did the trick thanks for the tip!!!

Jan 07, 2017
So simple. Who'da thunk?!
by: Grateful Coffee Drinker

Ah yes. Science. Perfect. My machine is the one with a "drain brewer" option so air being caught in the works somewhere seems to be the issue. I took off the reservoir, drained the brewer, turned it upside down & gave it a few good spanks. Worked like a charm. Thank you, thank you, thank you: we were adding up gift cards & cash-back certificates to replace it and now we won't have to do that. Wow.

Dec 15, 2016
It didn't work!
by: Anonymous

The machine was only giving me half a cup and then when I tried to burp it, it looked like it was about to work, but now even less comes out of the keurig and now I feel sad. Very sad human being.

Dec 11, 2016
Will be thankful in the morning!
by: Anonymous

Spanking worked!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Dec 04, 2016
Spank that Keurig
by: Anonymous

Yes I spank my Keurig and I too do it twice but it's working. Thanks for the information

Nov 28, 2016
Not working
by: Anonymous

I started my keurig put pod in then selected cup size it said brew then water came out the bottom now won't work at all

Nov 13, 2016
It Works!!
by: Anonymous

Your awesome! The water had stopped coming out so I burped it and had a cup of coffee in no time. Great tip thanks so much!

Nov 09, 2016
It works again!
by: Anonymous

Stopped working suddenly so we cleaned the needle and tried holding the Keurig button down without any luck. Called Keurig and they didn't have any other solutions but offered 20% off on new machine (is cheaper on Amazon). Found the old slap the base trick and it came back to life!

Oct 10, 2016
spank & burp
by: Don

Stopped working; during descaling spit out about an ounce and quit. Cleaned needles. Called Keurig and went through same - no luck. Offered 20% off on new machine. Found and tried the "Spank & Burp."

Worked Perfectly!!

Oct 02, 2016
works like a charm
by: Anonymous

Keurig stopped working, tried this and now its works like a charm!

Sep 24, 2016
by: Ruth

My machine is 4 years old and thought it was toast. Had a new one ready to go but then saw this tip and it worked! Water's coming out even faster than before. Thanks!!

Sep 21, 2016
Office Keurig - Fixed
by: Anonymous

I had thought our Keurig 400 was dead, but I gave this method a try and it brought it back to life, and i made sure to run it few times, and it's back to life. :D

The sad part is though, I bought a new Keurig and people have already used it.

Sep 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

Such a valuable tip. Many thanks. I had actually given up and had bought a new Keurig, but when I got home with it I looked up the question, " How long does a Keurig last?" and found your comment. Thank You. June

Sep 17, 2016
I did indeed work
by: PJ

Just getting ready to go buy another. Thought I would try Google and there you were and with an answer and my Keurig is working again. thank you and thank Google.

Aug 26, 2016
by: Sharon

My machine is 5 years old, thought maybe the pump went or something. Tried this right before heading to the store to buy a new one- and it actually worked!!!! Thank you!

Aug 05, 2016
tried it, still didn't work
by: Anonymous

tried turning it upside down and hitting it, still didn't work. I took out the k cup and it brewed fine, so it must be the k cup. I inserted a k cup, and closed the handled, then i opened it and turned the k cup in the slot and closed the lid again, then it worked. it seems that the fluid was not escaping through the little hole created, so i created another hole to let it breathe and allow the fluid to escape.

Jul 28, 2016
It freakin worked!!!
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe it worked, but it seems to be working now after doing that!!! Running vinegar through it because descale code came up on display screen. Hopefully after doing that and then running a lot of water through it to clear vinegar, it will work like a charm again!!! :) Thanks!

When I called keurig maintenance customer service he didn't mention that little trick! Told me about cleaning out the puncture needles with paper clip but I had already done that from reading other blogs. Asked me dumb questions like was it plugged in and what kind of water was I using. Then said it was out of warranty and I could either ship it to them for repair which would be costly or purchase a new one at a discount from them for $97.00 plus shipping! Ahhhh... No!

So thanks again for the fix!

Jul 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

It worked!!! Thank you

Jun 18, 2016
I dont FREAKIN believe it!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig was only brewing half or 1/3 cups when I put the k-kup in...but would fill a whole cup with water if I didn't put the k-kup in. Tried this amazing piece of advice..and galore. Thank you for sharing. I have had mine for a few years and really didn't want to fork out the money for a brand new one:) So happy this answer popped up first when I did a google search for "how long do Keurigs last!"

Jun 12, 2016
Wow! it worked
by: Doni

I cannot believe this worked! My son was laughing when I held it over the sink and slapped it a few times. Put it back together and it brewed perfectly.

May 22, 2016
Don't know why, but it works
by: Anonymous

Was gone for the weekend and my brother was watching cats, told me my Kuerig was dead. Tried cleaning by running water and vinegar through it but it wouldn't make a full cup. When u came home I looked up this article and tried it before buying a new Kuerig. I'm writing this while enjoying a full and delicious cup of coffee. All is right again in the world.

May 22, 2016
by: MB

You dont know how I cussed this POS.
It quit working. I descaled it. Worked without coffe pod but woyld quit when put pod in. Descaled more. Cleaned needles, still same. Finally wouldnt pump at all really. Nothing worked.

Tried to didsasemble it, nothing to lose, couldnt get it apart.was upside down for dissassembly.

Putback together, same. Smacked it while trying to operate, a little might trickle out but still didnt woek.

Was going to throw it away , then read this. Turned upside down, lots of gurgling sounds. smacked bottom a few times, it works.

May 18, 2016
Really works!
by: Tina

Oh my gosh. I have returned 4 coffee makers over the years due to this problem. Just tried this fix on my current one and it worked!!! I can't believe it. I called my brother in law to tell him because he is having the same issue. Thank you so much!!!

May 11, 2016
Spank it!
by: Mandee

Thank you for this fix Nick!! Our machine just stopped working when we plugged it in this morning. Turned it over, spanked it hard twice and we're back in business. Happy caffeinated day!

May 04, 2016
keurig stops working
by: caroleabh

Well, before reading the above I tried slapping it on the top a couple of time and that seemed to work. Now I know why. Hit it any where to release the air bubble.

Apr 18, 2016
It worked
by: Anonymous

Thank you thank you. Iit has worked for us.

Mar 13, 2016
No Coffee
by: Kathy

I have mine for over a year now and for the last month or so it has not been working right at all. Could say it works when it wants to not when i want it too...The burp did not work for me so i am now with out coffee on my Sunday Morning :(

Mar 05, 2016
Easy Fix
by: Bill

Keurig quit working. Turned it upside down and smacked the bottom firmly several time. Plugged it back in and it works like a charm.

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