Joe's Brew Club - with home delivery of coffee, biscotti and chocolate.

Monthly delivery from Joe's Brew ClubCoffee, biscotti and chocolate from Joe's Brew Club.

There are a lot of coffee clubs out there, offering weekly or monthly delivery of gourmet coffees.

We like the idea and have tried a few.

So when we heard from Joe's Brew Club, we didn't jump up and down in excitement. Nothing new here, we thought.

Except there is something new. They don’t just send you coffee. They also include biscotti and a bar of chocolate.

In other words, they are delivering an experience that is about more than just coffee. Yes, they choose terrific coffees to send you. But they also offer an indulgence, in the form of biscotti and chocolate.

We like that.

And it really is an indulgence...with fine coffee and some delicious nibbles to go along with it. The only disappointment is that the nibbles run out before the coffee does!

This is a monthly service, and coffee you receive is selected by the folks at Joe's Brew Club. Each month you’ll receive a new coffee to try.

In the box we received, the coffee was a medium-roast Costa Rica from Redrock Roasters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We have tried a few different coffees from Costa Rica in the past, so we came to this one with a few expectations.

And we were right about some of the fundamentals. This coffee has a light, fruity flavor. It is medium-roasted, but still has a mild mouth feel.

Costa Rica coffee from RedrockMedium-roast Costa Rica coffee from Redrock Roasters.

There is also a fruity sweetness to it. As with most Costa Rica coffees, the acidity is present, but not too sharp. And it has a dryness, in the same way you might find a particular wine to be dry.

When I asked my girlfriend what she thought about it – she is the better taster of the two of us – she came up with a reply that I don’t think you’ll find in any other coffee review.

She said, "It has a feeling of early afternoon."

Weird. When I asked her to explain, she told me it had to do with the light, airy quality of the taste. Not a coffee to hit you hard and wake you up fast in the morning. But a coffee to enjoy after lunch, on the back porch, on a bright and sunny day with the birds singing.

I get what she means, and I agree.

So...a really nice coffee, and great for dunking that biscotti and enjoying a bite of chocolate afterwards.

The cost of monthly deliveries starts at $27.99. So this isn’t the least expensive way to buy your coffee and enjoy a few nibbles.

But it is a great way to spoil yourself, and discover a new coffee each month.

All in all, a terrific indulgence. A way for coffee lovers to surprise and spoil themselves once a month.

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About the author: Nick Usborne, aka Coffee Detective, is a writer and long-time coffee enthusiast. Read more…

Joe's Brew Club chocolateThe dark, sweet chocolate that came with our coffee. Delicious!

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