Coffee drinker and author of the Coffee Detective website.

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My name is Nick - aka the Coffee Detective - and I'm the author of all the posts and articles on this site.

I create all the videos too.

When I began writing Coffee Detective - over 15 years ago now - it was just as a hobby. An experiment.

After a while the site began to attract quite a few visitors and I began to earn a small second income from various forms of advertising on the site.

Coffee Detective became a “hobby with benefits”. 

This modest income allowed me to spend more time developing the site, getting into conversation with coffee drinkers, and connecting with professionals and companies in the coffee business.

After the first few years a funny thing happened. 

At some point I crossed over from being a pure amateur - writing about coffee for fun - and actually became knowledgeable enough about coffee and coffee makers to attract the attention of professional coffee roasters and the manufacturers of coffee making equipment.

In other words, somewhere along the line I became a coffee expert, and an authority on how to make coffee.

These days hardly a week goes by when the guy from UPS doesn’t knock on our door with a delivery of coffees to try or equipment to review.

I had no real ambitions for the site in the early days. But today I’m totally into it.

I love writing about coffee, and have big plans for the site over the years to come.

So stay tuned!

Best wishes,


P.S. I also have a keen interest in mushrooms and fungi. Check out my site Incredible Mushrooms.

P.P.S. For fellow fans of building information websites, I created and now publish this website on the SBI! platform.

I'm always with coffee

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