My Keurig won't brew!!


I have a keurig b60 ultimate and the "not ready" message wont go away. I can not make a cup and it wont let me do anything other than look through the menu. There is water in the tank and everything seems to be in the right place. This is my second machine so I know how to work it yet it is not working. What can I do to fix this?!


If you can’t fix this, simply call Keurig customer service. They are a good group and unless they find an easy fix for you, will likely replace the machine.

You can call them toll-free at 888-879-4627.

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May 22, 2016
2.0 500 Junk
by: Anonymous

Had guests over and the thing gets clogged and spits grounds everywhere, on the wall even!! Cleaned, descaled, twice and can't get a single cup of coffee out of it without it spitting up grounds. Customer Service not helpful at all. Expensive piece of junk. Mr Coffee is at least dependable, never Keurig again!

May 12, 2016
Customer Service fixed it!
by: Lydia R.

I was on a brief hold, gave name, email and serial # of machine. The lady asked me to unplug it, lay it on its back, and insert a paper clip in the hole on either side of pin that punctures the cup. Within 5 minutes, was drinking my coffee! I understand that everyone may not have an easy fix like this, but strongly encourage you to try - very pleasant customer service and very happy to have my coffee machine in working order!

May 09, 2016
B60 won't work
by: Anonymous

Very disappointed with Keurig.Called help line,went through all steps & still not working,said out of warranty & could sell me a new one at a reduced price.This is my 3rd Keurig so think its time to move on to a different brand...all piece of junk.

May 05, 2016
Keurig K200
by: Anonymous

Just purchased the above, read instructions used correct coffee pods.
results coffee grinds everywhere in the coffee/coffee cups & around the pod area. very disappointed a complete mess.
Will be going back to Walmart this pm.

Apr 24, 2016
I disagree the Keurig Customer Service is Helpful
by: Anonymous

Keurig Customer Service is not helpful. My maker says "Ready to Brew", but the blue light on the Brew Button will not blink. All I want is a quick answer if there is a "reset" combination of buttons. I tried everything I could think of with no luck. Called Keurig Customer Service...I waisted 15 mins going through phone menus, giving out way too much personal info... then they wanted serial numbers and model etc... get real, just want a quick answer... "it can be reset" or "unit shot go buy a new one pal", but could not get that out of anyone there :(

Apr 14, 2016
For Wanda ...
by: Mike from Frankfort

Wanda, our refillable pods work great for us, too. We now have two 2.0 brewers, one at home (a 550) and one for our motorhome (a 250). We do have issues with K-Carafe cups and have to lift the "arm" and close it then run the cycle again for 2-3 cups (instead of 3-4 or 4-5). That usually works. The single cups always work for us, no problems there. If you have the orange "maintenance accessory" you should use that a couple of times to "clean out the pipes". We use that tool every month or two to keep things running well.

Apr 13, 2016
My Kerrigan 2.0 has been trouble for the year and a half I've had it
by: Anonymousjean

We had to replace the first one as it would not heat. The second one has been a constant pain. Never would get an accurate measure and now it will not heat up and only dribbles little bits of liquid.
It's been descaled to the point I refuse to buy their product and use vinegar. I have poked it with paper clips etc. Evev tried the "bitch" slap.
It's out of warranty so I would have to pay ( with a percentage off) for a new one. I've had it and so it's back to the French a Press pot.

Apr 10, 2016
Thank you, Snowmobile
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Snowmobile! Your method of cleaning the top piercing area with a paperclip not only made it work again but it once again performs quickly. Before it was just dribbling out. Thanks for saving me money!

Apr 06, 2016
fixed easily with paperclip
by: Snowmobile

when you open the machine where you put the k-cups, there are two needles on the underside of the top part. the furthest back needle has 3 small holes directly around it. When the needle pierces the cup, sometimes coffee gets stuck in there, but the machine needs those to be clear in order to pre-heat. carefully poke a clean paperclip through each of the holes, and then run a water cycle. you should be golden. I prefer this method to turning it upside down and slamming it on the counter. again, be careful. The needles are sharp.

Apr 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have only had my keurig for 2 months and now it won't work. I get the message "sorry brew interrupted water under pressure . To reset remove pod and lower handle . Preform needle maintanace if persists". Help please.

Apr 05, 2016
2.0 Touch Screen not responding
by: Jerry in KY

I could not turn the power on as our touch screen was not responding. Read through thread below and found posting in January 2016 by Chuckles. Tried lifting handle with touchscreen slightly, then all the way, then midway and no response. So then decided to remove lower carriage which holds the K-cups. Don't ask me why or how, but that seemingly did the trick (defies logic, but worked). With the lower carriage out, the power button and (entire touch screen returned to normal). Don't know how long it will work, but for now, glad to have machine functional again.

Apr 05, 2016
2.0 Junk
by: Anonymous

I have went through four of these machines in two months. Customer service upgraded me free of charge on three of them with no luck. Same issue ....Brew Interrupted message and coffee grounds everywhere. Unreal, the only thing good about Kuerig is the customer service. Of course, when you produce expensive trash they better be prepared to be good.

Apr 03, 2016
Keurig 2.0 Reset!!!
by: Anonymous

Greetings All,

It seems that the Keurig 2.0 resets itself by starting it's operation with a fresh K-cup or Carafe and beginning operations with handle completely down. please try, this should resolve most issues.

Apr 03, 2016
Only brews carafes
by: Wanda

Got my Keurig as a gift a couple of months ago.I always brew my coffee and take a thermos to work but pods would've been too expensive so I ordered the refillable K pods for carafe from Amazon. They work great, but now my Keurig won't brew my pods. It will spit out a few grinds and stop.I've tried cleaning it but nothing works so I always end up brewing a carafe instead when I only need a cup. I've wasted so many pods hoping it will work. Very frustrating.

Mar 30, 2016
White screen
by: Steve

I have the k450 and have the white screen. It was purchased October 2015. Unit does nothing. I tried all of the comments listed with no luck. I called customer service. They are sending me a new unit. Apologized for the issues. Very pleased with customer service.

Mar 27, 2016
Had to get medieval on it.
by: Guidera48

My new model sucks. The pump is very loud and the electronics are iffy. Started by not stopping and filling 3 cups everytime I tried to brew a cup. Next, looked like it had a prostate problem and would trickle.forever. Finally it quit last week. Had to did up my senseo and use old pods I still had. Finally, after reading this colum, I decided to empty it, clean the needle with a toothpick and got medieval on it. it worked. Got 3 cups of hot water with grounds in it but fianlly cleared up and working fine now. Who says corporal punishment does not work?

Mar 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

FINALLY FIXED!!! We had a power outage and the next day the machine said preheating and wouldn't work. What we did was take out the rubber seal around the second needle(further in). Once taken off, put machine upside down and drain all the water from the machine! Put rubber deal back on and let the watts the flow into the internal reservoir and allow machine to preheat the water. YES this worked and we have our machine working with no trouble!!!! Try it, it works!!!!

Mar 22, 2016
My Keurig won't turn on
by: Shana

I have a 2.0 and only had a couple of months now. When I went to bed all lights on the it were working but this morning the lights were not on only the cirlce at the bottom of the screen and it would not do anything. I tried unplugging it, plugging it into a different outlet, still nothing. Help.

Mar 20, 2016
smack it!!
by: Anonymous

Flipped and smacked it and the dang thing works !!! Been

Mar 17, 2016
Keurig stands for junk!!
by: Anonymous

This is my second machine K300 in six months doing the same thing STOPS BREWING!!!
We use bottle water and it is only used in the morning by the wife for her morning coffee.
I called customer service this morning and they said to try the maintainence accessory to clean the needle,thats didn;t work.
These machines are made in China and you sure can tell with all the problems they have.

Mar 15, 2016
tried everything
by: Anonymous

I have keurig elite that my husband bought me 3 years ago. I clean it every 6 months like book says. I also clean it how it says. But every time it clogs. Usually the paper clip works but not this time. I tried paper clip burping and straw. My father in law even used compressed air and still nothing. Am i missing something or is it trash? I only drink 1 may be 2 cups a day.

Mar 13, 2016
keurig 300 wont work after power outage.
by: Anonymous

Im on my second keurig 300 coffee machine both of these were brand both cases the power went out due to the weather and in both cases when it camecame back on the machine wont pump water.i cant afford to pay150 dollars for a new machine everytime the power goes out.

Mar 10, 2016
My Keurig 2.0 won't recognize the Carafe
by: Charla

Every time I put the Carafe in place, the screen only shows the basic K-pod setting for an 8oz. cup. I can't get it to recognize the Carafe, and I can't get to the the Carafe screen. Settings are set for the Carafe, and all brew settings, but no go for brewing a Carafe. This is my 2nd 2.0, as my first one wouldn't work at all. I'm on a limited budget, so I wasted $191.00. I am going to save up for a Ninja Coffee Bar.

Mar 02, 2016
B60 stuck on Not Ready
by: Anonymous

This is an old Keurig but since it was still powering up, thought I would try one more suggestion. The three button tip plus menu took care of it! Thanks!

Feb 24, 2016
Clarification on "shake it"
by: Microfox3533

Hello! I have a Keurig in my office. Lucky me! I have been plagued with problems since I bought this unit, a red Keurig K200, from Walmart I have been plagued with problems. I have a much better Keurig at home that has given me problem-free beverages since Christmas two years ago. I attributed the problem to be with my co-workers misusing it. However, yesterday we went on generator and I lost power to my Keurig. When power was restored it went into pre-heat and refused to go any further regardless of how many times I cycled the power and let it 'rest.' After reviewing this thread I decided to give it another chance. I took it to the bathroom and shook it vigorously and gave it a couple of pats. I saw most of the water drained out of the unit and I think this has to be related to my problem. I re-energized the unit and it is working perfectly. Do we just need to make certain the internal reservoir empties before trying to restart the unit? If so, I think I can install my own drain on the unit. What do you all think?

Feb 20, 2016
Brew Button Malfunction
by: Anonymous

I have a 5 yr old Keurig B40 that suddenly quit brewing. The brew light would turn on/flash but would not brew.
Tried all of the other techniques (bitch slapping, straw blowing, paper clip prodding...) but what worked for me was pressing the auto off button at the same time as the brew button. I did this a couple of times, and it finally started brewing again.

Feb 11, 2016
Only 2 Months Old - REALLY?
by: John

Received my Keurig 2.0 Model 300 for Christmas and only brew 1 cup Per day. It started off good, then all of a sudden it would spit out a little coffee and stop, now - nothing happens. I went thru all the steps (including the "bitch slap" described in a forum) to no avail.

I contacted Keurig this AM and after approximately 15 minutes of working with the Rep, I have a perfect working unit again AND most importantly, I believe we may have found out WHY the unit plugged so quickly. If your Keurig K-Cup shows a bulged top, "under pressure", do not simply close the lid to puncture the cup as this allows grounds to go into the upper spike. Instead, PRESS the K-Cup onto the Lower Spike, THEN close the lid, puncturing the upper tab.

Feb 11, 2016
Only 2 Months Old - REALLY?
by: John

Received my Keurig 2.0 Model 300 for Christmas and only brew 1 cup Per day. It started off good, then all of a sudden it would spit out a little coffee and stop, now - nothing happens. I have gone through all the steps identified on the Keurig site and on YouTube to no avail. Back to the Hot water and Carafe, where life was easier.

Feb 08, 2016
Still no malfunction!
by: Mike from Frankfort

An update - the Eco Filter is still working flawlessly (see link below). Until Keurig fixes their problem (whatever it is), this is the best way to brew full carafes with the 2.0 machines.

Feb 06, 2016
hold Brew, Hot Water and Rinse
by: Anonymous

I just fixed my cuisinart SS-700 single serve brewer. It was flashing "NOT READY" I held Brew, Hot Water and Rinse. The cuisinart turned off. I turned it on, and voila, FIXED!!

Jan 29, 2016
Paper clip and bitch slapped worked
by: Anonymous

I am wondering if this would have worked with my last Keurig that I threw away😳 I wish I would have seen this sooner because it worked like a charm! Thank you

Jan 23, 2016
Amazingly, the bitch slap worked
by: Anonymous

I read the earlier comments. Thought no way this singing to work ... But tried it anyway and like the earlier poster it really did work. Gave me a good laugh, too.

Jan 23, 2016
The 1st series was good 2.0 awful
by: Anonymous

Add me too I think I'll go back to good old fashion yuck
I don't want to be a mechanic every time I want a coffee

Jan 22, 2016
Brews Hot Chocolate but won't brew coffee Kcup
by: Lori

I have a B60, only used it on weekends. It quit brewing. Tried the paperclip tricks, de-scaled with vinegar, and also tried the slap and burp. FINALLY got it to run water through it, and brew a hot chocolate k cup. However, when I go to use a caribou coffee K cup, it starts to brew, then sputters and stops. It whirs and sounds like it is trying to brew, but nothing, just a few sputters and drops. I am really not wanting to purchase another Keurig because the for the price I have had lots of issues. Anyone have any ideas? I called Keurig and they said they could maybe send me another K cup holder to see if that is the problem. It is so frustrating. Thanks for any advice :-)

Jan 20, 2016
won't work
by: wicked sister

y'all are correct cleaning the needle and bitch slap works thanks for the help

Jan 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

It works!!! Im snowed in amd going crazy. I did the paperclip thing and it wouldn't work. Did the smacking and flipping thing and it worked. Thank you!!!

Jan 18, 2016
LCD screen not responding
by: Chuckles

For some time the LCD would not respond, after lifting top up and down several times it would start to respond, sometimes unplugging was needed as well. This morning same thing but when plugged back in just the power button was there and would not respond. This is where it gets weird...I lifted the top just enough to unlock the catch and the power button worked but LCD would not respond as i took pod out and LCD worked, so I started playing with the settings. Changed the wallpaper and changed the clock to analog...and it started brewing again, go figure. Not sure how permanent of fix this is but hopefully this will help others.

Jan 17, 2016
Eco Carafe
by: Mike from Frankfort

Hello ... we bought a "cheater" (the Eco Carafe) to see how it would work with our K550, the brewer that never seemed to be able to fill up a carafe. I am amazed with the results. Every time we use this device the brewer works flawlessly! I am starting to think that maybe the "problem" is the K Carafe Packs themselves ... not the brewer! Some work better than others, and this Eco Carafe cup has worked perfectly a dozen times so far. I recommend that you give it a try, especially if you are having problems with partially full carafes. Good luck!!

Jan 17, 2016
Now it's a good morning
by: Anonymous

Paper clip worked, although the machine never seems to give me a full cup of coffee.

Jan 16, 2016
Bitch Slap Works!
by: Shelly

After reading the comment about slapping the machine I thought no way that worked. Well after trying everything else I thought what do I have to lose so I slapped the thing and it is working just fine ;) So thank you

Jan 16, 2016
Thank You For the Tip!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig would not heat or brew. Finally, I unplugged it, held it over the sink and shook and slapped it. After a few times, amazingly, the heat indicator lit up. Still it wouldn't brew, so I placed a paper clip up the needle. Now it works! (Keep in mind though, I haven't used it in over a year or so.)

Jan 14, 2016
Bitch Slap Works
by: Kathleen

I read my husband the comment. He laughed but tried it and it worked.

Jan 08, 2016
Bitch Slapped it
by: Anonymous

I Flipped It
I Shooked It
I Slapped it


Jan 06, 2016
Preheating fix
by: Snow

My 2.0 gets stuck in preheating mode sometimes. Heres why: the needle that punches the grounds serves a dual purpose. One of those is that the hot water circulates through it when preheating. If the needle is clogged with coffee, it will never satisfy the preheat cycle. The solution given by customer service was to take the maintenance kit that came with it, or a clean paperclip if you dont have the kit, and poke through each of the 3 little holes at the needle. It's the second needle, the one furthest back into the machine when you have the latch up. Be careful, the needle is sharp, and be sure to unplug from power while working on it. This explains why the "turn upside down and smack" method seems to work for some people. You're just unclogging the needle another way. I have to say though, I think my way has less of a chance of damaging something else. God bless!

Jan 04, 2016
Don't buy Keurig 2.0
by: Anonymous

I agree the Kerurig 2.0 is a piece of junk. Why do I have to use paper clip to clean it when I have only used it less than a dozen times in less than 2 months.. I have a Hamilton Beach Brewmaster that we use daily. My Keurig is used for company who prefer decaf or a special flavor. This is fourth Keurig--three were given as gifts. The older model before 2.0 Keurig, please listen to your customers. I will not be recommending Keurig in the future or buying another one of the nail all the problems are fix

Jan 04, 2016
Won't make a full cup of coffee
by: Phyllis

Even tho my machine is not quite 2 years old, I expect a product that I paid close to $200 to still work. I have to turn in off and on to make 1 cup - this morning it took me 7 times to get a cup - the water just dribbles out - I have cleaned de-scaled and now I am ready to turn it over and throw it off the counter! Help!

Jan 01, 2016
Keurig 2.0 k250
by: Anonymous

I decided to set 2.0 model k250 up today. Cleaned all the parts, set everything in place and plugged it in and the filled the redo out with water and powered on. The Keurig emblem popped up and I clashed the lever and it said preheating. Nothing else happens after a few minutes, no sound or heat was coming from it. I left it on for 30 minutes and same thing. What is wrong and what can I do??

Jan 01, 2016
Jan 1, 2016-No New Years Day Coffee!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig 2.0 is about 4 months old. It stopped brewing this morning! Preheated and sounds like it's brewing but it resets back to preheat. I tried 3 different pods to see if that was the problem. I cleaned the needles and turned it upside down and tapped it a few times. Still same thing.

I bought it at Wal-mart! Should I call Keurig if I don't have the receipt or just throw it out?

Dec 30, 2015
Keurig 2.0
by: Anonymous

We have had our Keurig for only 8 months and it won't drip
What are all these tips people are talking about. We are very frustrated as it worked find yesterday.

Editor's Note: Scroll down to the end of the page and you'll find comments where people shared a few different approaches and fixes.

Dec 30, 2015
disposable coffee maker
by: Terry New

I bought the keurig 2.0 about 6 months ago for my girl friend. She used it every night before going to work on third shift. Today she went to brew a cup of coffee and it sounded like it wanted to brew at the very beginning then it just stops. She tried really hard today to get it working but nothing. I was going to buy my daughter one for Christmas. I am soo glad i didnt. A lot of money for a peice of Junk! I have tried the slap and burp..paper clip..blowing into a straw..Nothing worked. Guess i will throw it out with the garbage..where it belongs. Live and learn!

Dec 26, 2015
K2.0-500 power on machine troubles
by: Annoyed

Hit power button to turn on, it started the preheating process and while warming up it brews water and continues to run water through so it never heats up and then powers off. This is our 2nd kuerig sent us a 2nd one after 1st stopped working because it wouldn't pump the water after having it for 2 wks. Unplugged and did the bang on the bottom but didn't work.

Dec 26, 2015
Just keeps saying filling
by: Anonymous

I just received the keurig 2.0 for Christmas. I followed the directions and it just continues to say "filling" with a loading sign over and over until it just shuts off. What do I do?

Dec 26, 2015
won't recognize carafe?
by: Anonymous

My Keurig 2.0 is less than a year old. All of a sudden this Christmas week ( of course when I have family in town ), I'm having trouble with carafe setting. I put the carafe in place, put the pod in and it says, "Remove carafe.. wrong setting? I am putting carafe pods in, not sure why its not recognizing them? HELP!

Dec 09, 2015
Thanks, the flip, slap and shake worked!
by: Kathy

It really does work! I tried everything short of calling customer service and the darn thing wouldn't work. One flip, slap and shake and presto!

Dec 08, 2015
Kerrigan 2.0 stuck on preheating
by: Anonymous

WTH - after unplugging it a million times, googled and got this siite urn it upside down beat it and it works - so weird!!!

Dec 07, 2015
My Keurig 2.0 Would Not Brew
by: Anonymous

Maybe I waited a tad too long after the descale notice came up, but after I finally bought some distilled white vinegar to go through the process, our Keurig 2.0 would not only not descale, it would not give up a drop, it just died. I took most of the advice I found online, but still nothing. I finally called customer service today, got a live body, and even though I was one month over the warranty date, I was assured he would get my problem resolved. And resolve it he did. With the help of a bit of paper clip poking in the tiny holes (follow the grooves) on the sides of the needles at the inside/top of the machine, my Keurig was back to brewing in no time. Very satisfied!

Dec 06, 2015
by: tina hurley

my keurig turns on but it say add more doesnt heat up ect.what do i do its brand new

Dec 06, 2015
Stuck in preheating mode
by: Anonymous

Did the turn over and bang on cabinet three times and it works.

Dec 05, 2015
White Screen on model 300
by: Lenexa Kansas

I also struggled for months with the white-out display screen. I finally took the advice from others on this site and called customer service toll-free at 888-879-4627. A human answered after a few rings - no robot or menu selections to make. I explained the defect. She asked when it was purchased, which was 11 months ago. She explained that it was still under the 1 year warranty and the company would send me a brand new machine - same model. I only had to read the serial number and provide my street address and email address. No other hassles or proof. In 6 days, the new unit arrived and works great. She did mention that an email would come with instructions on how to return the K-Cup holder from the old machine which they wanted as proof of ownership, however, no email or instructions were ever received. I am very pleased with the way customer support handled this - couldn't ask for a better experience. I presume that so many customers have reported the same defect that they have surrendered to just replacing the entire unit rather than trying to fix the broken one. So, now I have an 11 month-old machine to dispose of or try and repair the screen myself. I see this model on selling for $104 (used). Any suggestions on what to do with the old K300 machine?

Dec 05, 2015
Keurig 2.0 troubles
by: Anonymous

My machine flashes "add more water please" every time I try to make a carafe. I position the carafe, put in the pod and ask for 5-6 cups and then press the flashing button. It always says to add water. The "continue" button doe not respond. I've removed the tank and rinsed it out and it's no help. I can make a Kcup right after this but not a carafe. I used bottled water and always clean when it recommends it. Any ideas??

Dec 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

I kept getting the not ready message and about gave up after the customer service told me it could not be fixed and I would need to purchase new machine. I started to read this thread and tried the 3 button trick and it works again!! Thank you!

Nov 30, 2015
Keurig B60 wouldnt brew
by: Anonymous

Keurig B60 (maybe its a B80), you would press brew, and nothing would happen.

Tried the "turn it upside down and hit it on the bottom three times"... .plugged it back in, turn it on, and it works!

Thanks Coffee Detective posters!

Nov 30, 2015
Broken Keurig. Not happy
by: Rita

Have a one year old Keurig and it won't do anything this machine was very costly and it's very disappointing to have it break when I barely use it except for holidays. I live on Social Security and I can't afford a new one.
I'm sorry to say that the Keurig is not a very good product.

I know you probably don't care but, I feel better just letting you know that my Keurig is broken after using it maybe 25 times.
Thank you,
Rita Hall

PS Merry Christmas

Editor's Note: Rita, we do care. ; ) Have you tried the "slap and burp" trick?

Nov 28, 2015
Garbage 2.0
by: Anonymous

I am on my second 2.0. First one broke after a few days. Some issue with heating water. Kerrigan said it was defective & sent me a new one. I've had this new one about a month & it is a nightmare. It is constantly clogged despite cleaning it after every use. I clean using that orange water thing & running the hot water through with no Kcup, but every morning it so t brew again. I am ready to throw it out & get something else. I had an older, cheaper one that just needed an occasional descale. So much for what I thought was an upgrade. It's a down grade & expensive mistake.

Nov 27, 2015
2.0 Carafe Problems UPDATE
by: Mike from Frankfort

Hello, I have good news, of sorts, regarding my K550 2.0 brewer. We have found that by leaving the default setting at 3-4 cups whenever brewing a carafe, the device reliably fills the pot to the same point nearly every time (about 2 inches below the rim). We no longer attempt to brew a full pot (4-5 cups). Of course, the brewer ought to allow you to select the number of cups that you want, but as I have said earlier, this behavior demonstrates that Keurig has a firmware problem that they need to address. The only way to "fix" this problem for existing brewers will be to replace them with a new unit once the firmware problem has been solved. So, if you follow the steps I described in an earlier posting, but without changing the settings for the desired number of cups, you should get a reasonable amount of coffee in your carafe every time. Good luck!

Nov 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Have trouble it just drips

Nov 22, 2015
3 button thank you!
by: Anonymous

As I was ready to throw my machine against kitchen wall- I did 3 button trick! It worked!!!!

Nov 21, 2015
Stuck on preheat
by: Anonymous

Just had the same problem as many others. Keurig 2.0 stuck on preheating and wouldn't brew. Tried the turning upside down and giving it a whack. It fixed the problem! Do I have to do this every morning to get a cup of coffee? LOL

Nov 18, 2015
Won't brew the carafe!
by: Kristen

We bought the 2.0 in August and have had troubles with the carafe actually brewing the entire carafe. I called customer service yesterday and she told me to shut the lid harder after I put the pod in. She did also send me some a pack of free k-cups for my troubles so I'm not complaining about the customer service :) But sure enough, I tried again this morning for the carafe and only got about 12 oz. Had to redo it 3 more times just to fill the carafe. My husband brewed his carafe a couple hours later and it did the same thing to him again. At least with the old Keurig we could reuse the Kcups to fit a travel mug. Now this 2.0 punctures a giant hole in the foil top and grounds drip into the mug. So done with the POS coffeemaker!

Nov 14, 2015
Power button only
by: Rick if San Jose

Started having problems with the touch screen this morning on my Keurig 2.0, wouldn't respond to any touching. Unplugged it, and let it sit all day. The machine is only 10 months old. Plugged it back in this afternoon, hoping to reset the computer, but couldn't get anything more than the power button in the lower right hand corner, which still didn't respond. I called Customer Service, talked to Kayla. Nothing to troubleshoot, so she is sending me a brand new machine! Went out into the garage and dusted off the old Mr. Coffee for tomorrow morning...good thing my wife hadn't thrown it out...

Nov 12, 2015
Keurig stuck on preheating
by: Anonymous

First my almost new 2.0 wouldn't brew, I changed the filter and got one cup to brew very slowly then it was stuck on preheating. Unplugged the unit, turned it upside down and smacked it a couple of times and all is now fine!

Nov 11, 2015
Blank touch screen
by: Anonymous

My Keurig 2.0 is getting a white touch screen. It is less than 1 year old. If I unplug it and plug it back in again, I can fix it, but it is happening more and more often. Now, I have to unplug and plug it back in several times to get it to work.

On clogged machines, the best advice I have is don't ever leave a k-cup in the machine after brewing. The water flowing back into the machine sucks up coffee grounds and you will have to do the paperclip trick. Also, every now and then, brew several cups of just hot water.

Nov 11, 2015
Sequence is important!
by: Mike from Frankfort


Over the weekend I reviewed the instruction manual one more time and decided to try something .. to be very precise about following the steps in the exact sequence described by the manual.

I discovered that my 2.0 now works (at least five carafes so far) when you do the following:

1. Refill the reservoir to the FULL mark.
2. Insert carafe into slot in base of brewer.
3. Position the carafe so that it is perfectly aligned and fully inserted.
4. Open handle and insert carafe pod.
5. Close handle and select desired volume (2-3, 3-4 or 4-5 cups). Make sure the setting doesn't change to another value. The touch screen is way too sensitive!
6. Press the blinking button to begin brewing.
7. Do NOT move carafe during these steps.
8. Do NOT try to adjust the carafe position.
9. The brewer should give you the desired number of cups.

I think that I may have sometimes adjusted the carafe after pushing the brew button in the past, and I believe this is what was messing up the results.

PS I had trouble posting this message yesterday. Since then I have had the same problems again this morning. Multiple times it brewed only one cup into the carafe. I don't know what to say anymore! These brewers are just totally undependable!

Let me know if "the procedure" works OK for you.

Nov 08, 2015
Brewing with Carafe
by: Anonymous

Bought the 2.0 for the carafe option. Used the four pods that came with the Keurig. Not once did it fill the carafe. Only about a cup. Phoned Keurig, they said it was faulty pods.Tried another pod from a new box, same result. Returned the Keurig to Costco, got a new one. First try on the carafe-only filled about 1 cup!!!

Nov 08, 2015
Would not brew
by: Gina P.

Called their customer service. Walked thru steps to unclog and then it worked. Also registered the machine. Customer service was great!

Nov 03, 2015
Brewing with carafe
by: Mike from Frankfort

Does ANYBODY out there actually use a 2.0 to brew carafes? If so, I am interested to hear if yours works OK or not. See my earlier remarks below.

Nov 01, 2015
thank you it worked !
by: willyb

i hit all 3 buttons at once and bam it worked !!thank you commentors - you saved me a ton of time

Oct 31, 2015
Three button fix
by: Anonymous

The three button fix worked for me!!!

Oct 30, 2015
keurig 2 stuck in preheat-resolved
by: Anonymous

My almost new keurig 2 was stuck in preheat. I had tried everything short of descaling (which was impossible). I was about to contact customer service but first tried the turning upside down and smacking suggestion I saw here. It worked!!!

Oct 26, 2015
B60 - Special Edition Keurig
by: Dave Alejandro

My Keurig was flashing "Not Ready" as well. Couldn't do anything with it. I almost settled on throwing it away.
After looking through this thread, I held all 3 cup buttons down and pressed the power button on and off repeatedly. It reset!!! I

Take home message:

Resetting this thing to get it to work is trial and error.

Oct 26, 2015
New 2.0 K550 still doesn't produce full carafe
by: Mike from Frankfort IL

I bought my wife a K550 for Christmas last year. It would only produce the correct amount of coffee about one in four attempts (we always use the 4-5 setting). Two weeks ago I was thoroughly fed up with it so I called Customer Service again. They were very courteous and sent out a brand new K500 (same unit without carafe and accessories). We have now used it a dozen times and even this new unit malfunctions in the same way. This morning I selected 3-4 cups and it brewed 2-3, so I had to re-run it at the 2-3 setting again (through the same carafe pack) to get a "full" carafe (what appears to be about 5 cups). We always use filtered water and perform the maintenance on the brewer but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I think they have a firmware/control problem and they don't realize it.

Oct 21, 2015
fix your Keurig
by: Anonymous

calling Keurig is a waste of time. Those young ladies cannot fix anything/. All they can do is to try to sell you a new unit. If your Keurig wont brew try the internet for help on detailed repairs which include detailed disassembly.

Oct 19, 2015
Another Fix for a Non-Brewing K45
by: Alan in Idaho

I really appreciated all the great comments and tips on this site, but I didn't see the one that finally worked. I have a K45 and just went through a Vinegar descaling. During the process and afterwards, the machine just made a loud pumping noise but would not pump water. Solution--I had moved the water tank and the little valve on the bottom, under the filter (which I just removed and threw away), had apparently stuck shut so no water would get to the pump. I pushed the valve open and closed a few times and made sure the tank was firmly in place--and now I am making coffee with the best of them. Following all the tips on this site really helped me get the solution that ended up fixing the problem. Thanks to all!!

Oct 08, 2015
Switch ineffective
by: Anonymous

I turned mine upside down in the sink and smacked the botton. After that, even the switch wouldn't work. As soon as you plugged it in it was ON and saying NOT READY. Wouldn't respond to anything. Then, I held down all 3 buttons while plugging in. Wow! it came back on like it never had a problem. Switch works now and everything! I haven't had coffee in 2 days - Thanks so much!!

Oct 06, 2015
Amazing customer service
by: Deb

I am new to the Kuerig scene and had difficulty getting my brand new 2.0 to work. I was extremely frustrated and callsd customer service in a less than happy mood. Elyse was so patient and absolutely amazing . She figured out my k-cups has too much pressure and guided me thru to brewing my first cup. Excellent customer service and above and beyond patient with me. Tubal you so much Elyse you are awesome

Oct 06, 2015
keep preheating K200
by: akvid

does anybody know why it keep say preheating and it won't brew

Sep 30, 2015
2nd replacement now not working
by: Anonymous

I bought my first Keurig last Sept. After about two months use, I awoke one morning to water all over the counter and floor. I contacted Keurig and they sent me a replacement which was a 2.0. I did not even open the box for months afraid this one would not work. Finally in April 2015 I opened the box and started using the replacement Keurig. However, now this one is having a problem. I am the only coffee drinker in my family, so not high usuage. The brewer drips water a little at time and then stops. I have cleaned it. I think I am done with Keurig, too expensive and not made well at all. Keurig! If you are going to charge 100 plus for your brewers make them QUALITY, not junk! It is back to my reliable Mr. Coffee that is five years old and still going strong. Glad I kept it.

Sep 28, 2015
K40 machine will not pump
by: Coffee Nut

I called customer service. They reminded me to clean the two holes in the poky-thing that is up in the mechanism and punches the top of the KCup when it is lowered. I followed their instructions and now the machine works like the day it was purchased. Customer Service has always been helpful. Call them for solutions.

Sep 28, 2015
Not Ready Message
by: Anonymous

THANK YOU!! My B60 was acting up (brewing small or 1/3 cup) for a week or so. It finally went dead OR so I thought. I held down all 3 brew sized buttons and pressed the menu button quickly - like you said - the screen went blank and I unplugged - replugged in and the "ADD WATER" message came up. NICE QUICK FIX! Now I have to find the prime directions because that's what it's saying now.

Sep 19, 2015
Keurig Has Great Customer Service
by: Mitchell

Well, I have to say, I have had problems with my 2.0 K300 brewer that started two months after I bought it in late January of 2015. I had the white screen, garbled screen, even upside down screen. This past week I had two days in a row of white and garbled screen so I called Keurig during my lunch hour and talked with Vickie. She was very helpful, understood my situation, and sent me a brand new machine! I talked with her on Friday and low and behold it was delivered today! I didn't realize it would ship from Tennessee, I live in North Carolina.
So, I have to say, even though I haven't been really pleased with my machine, customer service is very good at Keurig.
If you are having problems and your machine is still under the 1 year warranty, please contact them, they will be glad to help.

Sep 15, 2015
2.0 not a year old will not work
by: Upset with Keurig

My Husband bought me the Keurig 2.0 for Christmas because our previous one died. However the LED screen has gone out on my new one!!!! Probably have made 6 cups of coffee total in it. Will Keurig take it back??? Turning to winter gonna need coffee and hot chocolate!

Sep 13, 2015
Keurig 2.0 300 model/ Screen garbled message
by: Sara

I read through all the comments here about unplugging your machine, turning in upside down, whacking it a few times and plugging it back again. Not sure why this technique works, but it does. Enjoying out coffee once again and hard laughs.

Sep 05, 2015
Mr. Coffee
by: Anonymous

Repeated issues with my Keurig. This machine is not worth the time, money and aggravation. It's back to the traditional Mr coffee drip style coffee maker for me.

Sep 03, 2015
keurig fix worked!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig was frozen on the Not Ready blinking. none of the other buttons would work. Tried the tip about holding all 3 brew size buttons down at once and while still holding all 3 down, pressing the Menu button. Voila!!! Thanks for that tip!

Sep 01, 2015
KUERIG 2.O 550 Series barely used,Screen stop,No Brew
by: Java Disappointed

After using my Kuerig 2.0 since December and on a 2 to 4 cups a day max in that duration along with water filter changes,cleaning as necessary I cane to a screen this morning that just showed power button, however went to turn on and nothing! After I pushed the brew button 2x it came to a screen telling me the uses and how many, time and date manufactured fate, 3 pages of info so screen is working but not go brewing won't go to brew screen. I'm very frustrated, as I got as gift how do I get fixed or exchanged? Is there a fix I'm not finding ?

Aug 24, 2015
Up in arms
by: Anonymous

I also called the return line and they are going to replace my machine but Ive got to pay to send a part back to them. Im not ok with that and with the amount of money I spend on K cups and descaler I think it is ridiculous that I should have to pay for anything.

Aug 18, 2015
Descaling, slapping has not helped
by: Anonymous

We have tried everything! Descaling, slapping and everything NOTHING works! What do we do now?

Aug 17, 2015
To my quick repost
by: From Anonymous





Aug 04, 2015
Coffee pot (keurig ) won't heat up or brew.
by: Anonymous

So my keurig is not heating up and I filled it up to the max and it is not brewing ether it is getting g me mad and I need a answer right away!!!!! I would like it to be fixed right away

Jul 20, 2015
2.0 Keurig won't brew a carafe
by: Jeff Ceo

My Keurig 2.0 is brand new and will not brew more than 12 ounces of undrinkable coffee when using a carafe cup and following directions. It's the very reason I bought the unit in the first place. Any thoughts?

Jun 28, 2015
Won't brew fixed!
by: Anonymous

Hold upside down and give it a couple of slaps worked. Thanks! Reminds me of the televisions we had in the 60's - when something went wrong, just give it a slap on the side and the problem was fixed.

Jun 27, 2015
K40 Wont brew unless I re-activate the Brew Buttons EVERY time
by: Anonymous

The only way my K40 will brew anything is if I "re-activate the Brew Buttons by lifting and lowering the handle" every single time I want a cup. Once I do this the 3 blue lit buttons flash and I am able to choose which cup I want. Is this normal? I am glad I got this as a gift. If I had bought this myself I would be getting a refund. So much easier to just brew a pot the old fashion way. Im also glad I haven't thrown out my old fashion coffee pot!

Jun 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

My keurig won't brew, light comes on but won't brew

Jun 26, 2015
They are sending me a new one
by: sharon

I called and they are sending me a new one to replace it your awesome thanks for the advice. Told them I got it as a gift and they went through troubleshooting and confirmed it was an issue they said my machine is still under warrenty and will be sending me a new one.

Jun 24, 2015
Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single cup brewer
by: Marty Walker

I just want to say that after watching the Coffee Detective's recent video demonstration of the Hamilton Beach "Scoop," I enthusiastically ordered one. Unfortunately, now that I have it and have had a chance to brew a few cups of coffee with it, I find the quality of the its brewed coffee to be poor. Granted that I regularly use the Bonavita 8-cup drip brewer, so I suppose that my standard is possibly too high. But the Scoop doesn't filter the brewed coffee well. The coffee it makes has a "chalky" quality, and the last swallow is mixed with the sludge it leaves in the bottom of the cup. I wish I could return it, but, alas, I've already unpacked and used it.

Editor's Note: Marty, sorry to hear that. We also use the Bonavita as our principal brewer. But so far I haven't had a problem with the quality of coffee from the "Scoop". As good as the Bonavita? No. Good enough for my mid-morning cup of coffee? I'm happy so far.

Jun 22, 2015
by: Lisa

Ive taken my machine apart and watched endless youtube vids and every fix-it site I can find....

read this post by Ontario posted 2 days ago "
Jun 20, 2015
Not Ready flashing on Elite model
by: Ontario

We cleaned our coffee make and then could not run water thru. The 'not ready' light kept flashing and could not get the menu up. Read some comments and thought I would try a few things to reset it. I finally held the three brewing sizes down simultaneously and pressed the menu button. Frustration was over. Now we can have coffee."

Thank you !! Ontario... such a simple fix but after trying endless button combo's and tear downs....was about to give up :)

Jun 21, 2015
Keurig not brewing or not dispensing water
by: Anonymous

I have same problem with you. Follow this link, it works. Now my Keurig 2.0 is brewing again.

Jun 20, 2015
Not Ready flashing on Elite model
by: Ontario

We cleaned our coffee make and then could not run water thru. The 'not ready' light kept flashing and could not get the menu up. Read some comments and thought I would try a few things to reset it. I finally held the three brewing sizes down simultaneously and pressed the menu button. Frustration was over. Now we can have coffee.

Jun 11, 2015
Says ready but won't brew
by: Anonymous

I just completed a de scaling and now it says ready to brew but you push the brew button and it won't brew

Jun 11, 2015
won't brew
by: Anonymous

My Keurig says ready to brew but the brew button will not flash and it won't brew

Jun 08, 2015
no full cup of coffee
by: Anonymous

I have done the cleaning of the will run clear water ok..full cup and I can made K-cups hot chocolate but when I make using k-cups for is slow and only get about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water...why

Jun 02, 2015
Coffee not brewing
by: Anonymous

The trick that worked for me was to clean the inside tip with a toothpick (Like suggested by another blog) cause I couldn't find a paperclip, which would work also.

Win-Win situation! :)

Jun 02, 2015
It actually worked!
by: Anonymous

We have the 2.0 at work, too, and have already replaced one machine due to this problem. It wasn't brewing again - just waiting. So as a last resort, we tried that stupid paper clip needle cleaning method and it worked like a charm. High fives around the office!!

May 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the holding down the three buttons trick. You saved me some money.

May 25, 2015
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for the paper clip tip!! Thought my 2.0 was done for til I tried this trick :-)

May 14, 2015
Paper clip cleaner
by: Anonymous

Am I the only person that thinks having to clean my keurig 2.0 with a paper clip every 2 months is ok? I decided to upgrade from my previous keurig and now I am constantly having problems with coffee grounds clogging the needle? I never had that problem, and when I call keurig and ask to speak to a supervisor, no one is ever I and someone will call me back within 24 to 48 hours. I just want to return the machine and go back to my original machine.

May 06, 2015
Try this
by: Anonymous

Press the hot water and rinse button at the same time. This worked for me. Seems to be working fine for now...

May 02, 2015
paper clip fix
by: Anonymous

machine stopped pumping water into the cup, the inside tip needed a little cleaning with a paperclip. Thank you for the posts

May 02, 2015
it worked
by: Anonymous

I took water reservoir off and turned it upside down. Hit it a couple times and Now it works! Thanks for the tip!

Apr 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

Had to return 4 times. Not worth it! Obviously if you have to bang, take a paperclip etc to fix it's poorly made. Invest in a quality coffee maker.

Apr 27, 2015
a tooth pick fix
by: SA TX

I can not believe that my Keurig stopped working because it was clogged. I used a plastic tooth pick to clean the needle and it worked.

Thanks for posting this page

Apr 20, 2015
Slap and burb worked for B60
by: Doug - Lake Havasu AZ

My 3 year old B60 would just run water though without heating. I removed the water reservoir, unplugged it and smacked it 4-5 times hard while holding it upside down. Works like new now!

Apr 13, 2015
by: hal king

My b40 works great sometimes, other times I press brew button and a small amount of coffee comes out, I lift the lid close it and press brew again another small amount of coffee will com out. So I never know which it is going to be.
Thanks, Hal King

Apr 08, 2015
Reboot your Keurig
by: Anonymous

I was trying to rescale with vinegar when it suddenly quit working. I brewed 1.5 cups and it quit. I couldn't get it to do anything. I eventually turned it off unplugged it for 10 seconds, plugged it back in and like magic it was working again. :)

Apr 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice! I'm about to return my Keurig 2 when I stumbled unto this site. After 2mos of daily use. It suddenly stopped brewing coffee.. I followed the advice of cleaning the back needle w/ a paper clip, and voila!! My keurig 2 is now alive and kicking.

Apr 02, 2015
a killer
by: Anonymous

The clogging thing on the new 2.0 is a killer for me. It's going back. Recommend company fix it. Big downer in my foggy morning

Mar 28, 2015
ditto on the bottom bang
by: DK

After much effort with the paper clip and syringe, I found the bottom bang to work perfectly. Should be advertised as a feature.

Mar 26, 2015
An email can work wonders
by: Anonymous

Mar 18, 2015
It worked!,!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe shaking and banging worked! It said de-scale, but wouldn't take water..... Thanks!!

Mar 01, 2015
it worked!
by: Anonymous

It took 3 times...3 beatings on the bottom but it finally worked!! Unreal! Thank you!

Feb 27, 2015
Thank y'all.
by: Anonymous

Coffee grinds in the top needle was tthe problem. I used a small paper clip to clear the small opening. Thanks again.

Feb 27, 2015
Keurig 60
by: MaeAnonymous

Have had my K60 a little over a year, and when I turned it on recently there was no power. Tried different switches still no power. Can suggestions?

Feb 20, 2015
Thank you!! Works perfect
by: Anonymous

I cleaned the needle thing and it started working again! No abuse needed 😊
I used a pipe cleaner type thing that came with my new toothbrush and I cant believe the stuff that came out.

Thanks again!

Feb 19, 2015
B 77 switch will not stay on
by: VAP

suddenly the on-off switch will not stay in the on position. won't start

Feb 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

The needle thing saved my life this morning with my 2.0

Feb 15, 2015
need help
by: Jennifer

Our Platinum machine has the "not ready" error- no blue lights- tried the flip, shake, and slap- nothing. Any other ideas?

Feb 11, 2015
Thanks, the flip, slap and shake worked!
by: Merryll

Mine was stuck with all 3 blue lights lit but not flashing. Tried the flip it over, slap it and shake it and it WORKED!

Feb 03, 2015
Please wait hot do not lift
by: Anonymous

the please wait do not lift message won't go away after its done brewing, just drips water. I've had this for only a month... Only way to brew a second cup is my unplugging and plugging back in. Help please

Jan 23, 2015
Keurig 2.0 power button help
by: Anonymous

I got the 2.0 as a replacement for my premium one and now the power button will not work to shut off the machine after brewing but I works no problem turning the machine on. It brews fine. Just trying to see if anyone else has had this issue with it.

Jan 20, 2015
another clogged needle
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the fix! Followed posted advice & ours is working again!

Jan 16, 2015
Handle stuck
by: Anonymous

The handle of the Keurig won't come down to make coffee. It won't move.

Dec 08, 2014
Add water button won't go off
by: Anonymous

My Kerig won't brew. The add water button stays on

Dec 05, 2014
heat light somes on and quickly shuts off - no coffee
by: Anonymous

The heat light comes on when you first turn the power on and then quickly shuts off . .thus no coffee, Can you help me?

Oct 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

The suggestion of spanking the Kahrig worked!

Oct 01, 2014
I don't believe it, it worked!
by: Clinton-Paul

I had the 'Not Ready' issue.
I did what everyone here suggested:
1. unplug the k60
2. take off the water reservoir
3. take it to the sink
4. turn it upside down
5. whack it
6. put everything back on
7. plug it in
and it works!

Aug 19, 2014
wrong telephone number
by: Anonymous

you gave the phone for green mountain coffee, not the keurig brewer system. 866-901-2739.

Apr 23, 2014
sequence of events!!
by: mike r

I just got a keurig, and was only able to brew ONe cup after the initial clean .. my wife couldn't get it to work, and it was purchased for her to use!! I didn't think it was defective .. but .. I tried the slap the bottom thing, still wouldn't brew! Then I went back and tried it again .. that's when I asked her if she'd put the pod in before she turned the unit on. She had. THAT was the problem.

The sequence is supposed to go like THIS:

1. Turn the machine on (I don't think leaving it on is necessary, it heats up faster than our old electric kettle!), and wait until it says READY TO BREW.
2. Lift the handle and open the pod lid.
3. THEN put the pod in and close the lid.
4. The lights flashed as they SHOULD HAVE!

Aug 04, 2011
keurig coffemaker
by: Anonymous

Well, add me to the list--I have had this piece of crap for only 19 months. I have descaled and I ran vinegar through it and nothing. I am totally disappointed with this coffeemaker. I will never purchase another Keurig or anything related to this company.

Editor's Note: Read the comments here. You may find the "slap and burp" approach works for your machine.

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