My Keurig won't brew!!


I have a keurig b60 ultimate and the "not ready" message wont go away. I can not make a cup and it wont let me do anything other than look through the menu. There is water in the tank and everything seems to be in the right place. This is my second machine so I know how to work it yet it is not working. What can I do to fix this?!


If you can’t fix this, simply call Keurig customer service. They are a good group and unless they find an easy fix for you, will likely replace the machine.

You can call them toll-free at 888-879-4627.

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Aug 24, 2015
Up in arms
by: Anonymous

I also called the return line and they are going to replace my machine but Ive got to pay to send a part back to them. Im not ok with that and with the amount of money I spend on K cups and descaler I think it is ridiculous that I should have to pay for anything.

Aug 18, 2015
Descaling, slapping has not helped
by: Anonymous

We have tried everything! Descaling, slapping and everything NOTHING works! What do we do now?

Aug 17, 2015
To my quick repost
by: From Anonymous





Aug 04, 2015
Coffee pot (keurig ) won't heat up or brew.
by: Anonymous

So my keurig is not heating up and I filled it up to the max and it is not brewing ether it is getting g me mad and I need a answer right away!!!!! I would like it to be fixed right away

Jul 22, 2015
Keurig 2.0 Please Wait Problem and Solution?
by: Anonymous

I got a Keurig 2.0 for Christmas last year and we have had trouble with it. It would clearly struggle to brew a cup, and then would be stuck on the "PLease Wait" screen for what felt like forever. My fiance called tech support in January, who said they were sending us a cleaning tool to clear the nozzle and it never arrived. He cleaned the nozzle with a paper clip several times to clear coffee grinds that were getting stuck. Just weeks ago, I decided to see if letting it dry out after each brew would help. Once I brew a cup, I immediately removed the pod and leave the pod door lifted. This was a little messy when it was still stuck on Please Wait! After just a couple times, the machine cleared itself! We are back to smooth brewing for about a month now. Make sure to descale regularly too. I run vinegar and water through about 12 times on 6 oz setting. It's a lot of frustration, but like many have posted, it was a gift so at least I didn't spend my money on it!!!

Jul 20, 2015
2.0 Keurig won't brew a carafe
by: Jeff Ceo

My Keurig 2.0 is brand new and will not brew more than 12 ounces of undrinkable coffee when using a carafe cup and following directions. It's the very reason I bought the unit in the first place. Any thoughts?

Jun 28, 2015
Won't brew fixed!
by: Anonymous

Hold upside down and give it a couple of slaps worked. Thanks! Reminds me of the televisions we had in the 60's - when something went wrong, just give it a slap on the side and the problem was fixed.

Jun 27, 2015
K40 Wont brew unless I re-activate the Brew Buttons EVERY time
by: Anonymous

The only way my K40 will brew anything is if I "re-activate the Brew Buttons by lifting and lowering the handle" every single time I want a cup. Once I do this the 3 blue lit buttons flash and I am able to choose which cup I want. Is this normal? I am glad I got this as a gift. If I had bought this myself I would be getting a refund. So much easier to just brew a pot the old fashion way. Im also glad I haven't thrown out my old fashion coffee pot!

Jun 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

My keurig won't brew, light comes on but won't brew

Jun 26, 2015
They are sending me a new one
by: sharon

I called and they are sending me a new one to replace it your awesome thanks for the advice. Told them I got it as a gift and they went through troubleshooting and confirmed it was an issue they said my machine is still under warrenty and will be sending me a new one.

Jun 24, 2015
Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single cup brewer
by: Marty Walker

I just want to say that after watching the Coffee Detective's recent video demonstration of the Hamilton Beach "Scoop," I enthusiastically ordered one. Unfortunately, now that I have it and have had a chance to brew a few cups of coffee with it, I find the quality of the its brewed coffee to be poor. Granted that I regularly use the Bonavita 8-cup drip brewer, so I suppose that my standard is possibly too high. But the Scoop doesn't filter the brewed coffee well. The coffee it makes has a "chalky" quality, and the last swallow is mixed with the sludge it leaves in the bottom of the cup. I wish I could return it, but, alas, I've already unpacked and used it.

Editor's Note: Marty, sorry to hear that. We also use the Bonavita as our principal brewer. But so far I haven't had a problem with the quality of coffee from the "Scoop". As good as the Bonavita? No. Good enough for my mid-morning cup of coffee? I'm happy so far.

Jun 22, 2015
by: Lisa

Ive taken my machine apart and watched endless youtube vids and every fix-it site I can find....

read this post by Ontario posted 2 days ago "
Jun 20, 2015
Not Ready flashing on Elite model
by: Ontario

We cleaned our coffee make and then could not run water thru. The 'not ready' light kept flashing and could not get the menu up. Read some comments and thought I would try a few things to reset it. I finally held the three brewing sizes down simultaneously and pressed the menu button. Frustration was over. Now we can have coffee."

Thank you !! Ontario... such a simple fix but after trying endless button combo's and tear downs....was about to give up :)

Jun 21, 2015
Keurig not brewing or not dispensing water
by: Anonymous

I have same problem with you. Follow this link, it works. Now my Keurig 2.0 is brewing again.

Jun 20, 2015
Not Ready flashing on Elite model
by: Ontario

We cleaned our coffee make and then could not run water thru. The 'not ready' light kept flashing and could not get the menu up. Read some comments and thought I would try a few things to reset it. I finally held the three brewing sizes down simultaneously and pressed the menu button. Frustration was over. Now we can have coffee.

Jun 18, 2015
Yes to water ... NO to coffee
by: LG

my Keurig will work perfectly if I use water and no coffee at all. Once I put the k-cup inside, it does not work, nothing is coming out of it. Then while "brewing" my coffee, I remove the k-cup and the water starts getting out. I have cleaned the needle several times, even clean up the hoses. Before I put it in my trash can, I would like to give it another chance. Any ideas?

Jun 11, 2015
Says ready but won't brew
by: Anonymous

I just completed a de scaling and now it says ready to brew but you push the brew button and it won't brew

Jun 11, 2015
won't brew
by: Anonymous

My Keurig says ready to brew but the brew button will not flash and it won't brew

Jun 08, 2015
no full cup of coffee
by: Anonymous

I have done the cleaning of the will run clear water ok..full cup and I can made K-cups hot chocolate but when I make using k-cups for is slow and only get about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water...why

Jun 06, 2015
not brewing
by: Anonymous

I have a Keurig 2.0 and was working fine. After we lost power and were back on power we have problems. Keurig 2.0 is not brewing coffee, We did everything to restart Keurig 2.0. It is saying it is hot and don't touch but no coffee is coming out.

Jun 05, 2015
WOW! Great Service! (for a change)
by: Harry J

Discovered brewing problems this morning with my K2.0. Called customer service. Expected a snotty nosed checklist reader, instead got a friendly and knowledgeable technician that walked me through some troubleshooting. He stayed with me until the trouble was abated and fixed. Also took my name and address to send me a "Maintenance Kit", free of charge! My wait time was less than 45 seconds on the phone to be connected to a techie, and my techie was with me and very professional and friendly!

HATS OFF to Kuerig! Thank you! You've found a loyal customer here! Keep up the GREAT Service!

Harry J

Jun 04, 2015
thanks for the quick fix
by: Anonymous

Back to having a great cup of fresh coffee after a grueling (haha) 2 minutes of using those expensive tools...a paper clip and a straw! i don't understand the fuss about it being such a hassle. Other automatic drip pots (i.e the 12-cup kind) will give you a great first cup of coffee but you end up throwing out several cups or drinking sludge by the end of the pot. And if you're drinking 12 cups of coffee a day the Keurig will certainly clog faster.

Jun 02, 2015
Coffee not brewing
by: Anonymous

The trick that worked for me was to clean the inside tip with a toothpick (Like suggested by another blog) cause I couldn't find a paperclip, which would work also.

Win-Win situation! :)

Jun 02, 2015
It actually worked!
by: Anonymous

We have the 2.0 at work, too, and have already replaced one machine due to this problem. It wasn't brewing again - just waiting. So as a last resort, we tried that stupid paper clip needle cleaning method and it worked like a charm. High fives around the office!!

May 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the holding down the three buttons trick. You saved me some money.

May 27, 2015
Keurig finally works!
by: Anonymous

I decided to clean my Keurig following the steps on (it's not misspelled) however it started to act up and not pump water (brew)to follow the cleaning steps of brewing one cup at a time with the vinegar-water mix as the instructions show. Finally I decided out that since I had to unplug my Keurig to clean I should may re-set the Menu and I think setting the clock did it. I also used a paper clip when cleaning the machine but when I did there was no noticeable clogging. It works great now. If you had a power outage and your Keurig's clock is blinking and not "brewing" try fixing that...hope it helps. :)

May 27, 2015
Replaced twice, still not automatic on
by: Dale Wilhelm

My 2.0 K550 brewer has been replaced by Keurig 2 times since purchased in Dec. 2014. The auto on feature is intermittent, all three 2.0 brewers I have had come on several days in a row at time set and other days does not come on automatically at all. If I manually turn it on it works fine, goes off as set. My 3rd brewer arrived very fast by FedEx last week, it worked auto 2 days in a row and now it is off again this morning. I have verified the auto on and off settings. I don't know what else to do other than call customer service again.
Anyone else have this issue??

May 25, 2015
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for the paper clip tip!! Thought my 2.0 was done for til I tried this trick :-)

May 22, 2015
keurig 2.0 stopped after 1 month
by: Anonymous

My machine was given to me as a gift ,it stopped working after 2 months ,I have a shelf full of k cups and no machine,now I have to fix it, yes I will fix it until all my k cups are gone then it's back to the old school coffee pot 12 cups for me ,no problems, but as soon as they work there problems out I may give them a second go round maybe

May 14, 2015
Paper clip cleaner
by: Anonymous

Am I the only person that thinks having to clean my keurig 2.0 with a paper clip every 2 months is ok? I decided to upgrade from my previous keurig and now I am constantly having problems with coffee grounds clogging the needle? I never had that problem, and when I call keurig and ask to speak to a supervisor, no one is ever I and someone will call me back within 24 to 48 hours. I just want to return the machine and go back to my original machine.

May 12, 2015
All I want is some damn COFFEE!!!
by: Anonymous

What a piece of crap! I never wanted this stupid thing, but my in-laws got us one for Christmas. It can only take filtered water and now after only a dozen uses I had to clean the tiny needle with a toothpick? Ridiculous! Give me a 12 cup "old school" brewer any day at least it doesn't require special treatment. Thank you for the posts at least I found out how to fix the stupid temperamental thing. If you are thinking of buying a Keurig, don't.

May 09, 2015
fixed blinking "not ready" light
by: Anonymous

My machine has 3 buttons on the top row. Menu in the middle, and buttons on either side to scroll left and right when menu is pressed. Below that it has one Brew button. To reset the machine, hold all 3 buttons on the top row down simultaneously. I performed this procedure and the machine now works just like new!

May 08, 2015
White garbled menu screen
by: Allezmama

I followed the other suggestions about unplugging and cleaning, then putting a k-cup in. I don't understand how that would impact the menu screen, but it worked. I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee, while I write this. I've only had this machine 4 months, so glad this was an easy fix.

May 06, 2015
Try this
by: Anonymous

Press the hot water and rinse button at the same time. This worked for me. Seems to be working fine for now...

May 04, 2015
On button there but not turning on.
by: Anonymous

My machine wont turn on I have the 2.0 460 if I am not mistaken. The on button is there but when I press it nothing happens. I have cleaned out the needles and changed the water but its just not turning on. It was working completely normal till this morning.

May 02, 2015
paper clip fix
by: Anonymous

machine stopped pumping water into the cup, the inside tip needed a little cleaning with a paperclip. Thank you for the posts

May 02, 2015
it worked
by: Anonymous

I took water reservoir off and turned it upside down. Hit it a couple times and Now it works! Thanks for the tip!

Apr 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

Had to return 4 times. Not worth it! Obviously if you have to bang, take a paperclip etc to fix it's poorly made. Invest in a quality coffee maker.

Apr 27, 2015
White Scree of Death (WSOD)
by: Mitchell

Woke up this morning to a Keurig 2.0 (K350) with a garbled screen, looked like Chinese. I thought my son had gone in and changed the language to play a trick on me. When I turned it on, the writing was still garbled with English interspersed. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and (WSOD). I tried several times and then thought, well I'll put a K-cup in and see what happens. The WSOD was still there, but the light was blinking. I pushed where I thought would be the strong coffee button, and where I thought the 10oz. would be and it made coffee! I made two cups and then unplugged it. I then followed suite with everyone else and cleaned out the needle with a paper clip, plugged it back in, and my menu screen once again appeared. I will clean it out when I get home from work. I use filtered refrigerator water and the filter I received from Keurig with my coffee maker. The machine is fairly new as I purchased it on 1/27/15.
So, if you are having an issue, clean the needle, that seems to do the trick when powering off and on won't. Wow, 3 months to the day and it decided to do this.......

Apr 27, 2015
a tooth pick fix
by: SA TX

I can not believe that my Keurig stopped working because it was clogged. I used a plastic tooth pick to clean the needle and it worked.

Thanks for posting this page

Apr 23, 2015
Throw that Keurig away!
by: Anonymous

I have had one unit every year for the past 3 years. They malfunction right after the warranty expires and I am positive they design them that way. After around 7 months the water pump starts growling and then stops pumping all together. I have tried every cleaning product ever invented or thought of to no avail.

My best suggestion is to stop buying these junk products which will send them the message these folks make inferior products and we the customers are tired of paying top dollar for junk.

The best coffee maker is a Bunn. The water stays hot and makes perfect coffee for years with the periodic cleaning as we all know they need, unless of course you have a great water filter.

I hope this helps someone who is considering purchasing one of these coffee makers. Save your money by purchasing a good machine and do your research. Enjoy your coffee and be glad you read a review that is really the truth!

Apr 20, 2015
Slap and burb worked for B60
by: Doug - Lake Havasu AZ

My 3 year old B60 would just run water though without heating. I removed the water reservoir, unplugged it and smacked it 4-5 times hard while holding it upside down. Works like new now!

Apr 19, 2015
Keurig 2.0 Working Again
by: Anonymous

Keurig 2.0 was 4 months old. Stopped working. Gave us the "Please wait, DO NOT LIFT" message that kept coming on when we tried to make coffee. Took off water reservoir, turned it upside down, cleaned out the top and bottom needles with a plastic dental floss threader, smacked it on the bottom and back several times, and voila, set it upright, put the water reservoir back on, plugged it in and it now makes coffee again. Thanks for al your helpful ideas for fixing this problem.

Apr 15, 2015
Lime Away with CLR fix all!
by: Richard

I bought a small (b-70) on eBay and it worked until I put it in storage. The fill water icon was on & would not brew. I turned it over and hit it several times but that didn't work. I cleaned both the holes in the cup holder and in the top of the unit. I then put Lime Away ( with CLR in it) and let it heat and brew. Water finally started sputtering out! I put more lime remover with water and ran 4 or 5 cycles to clean out. Then I put straight vinegar and ran 2-3 cycles. She works like a charm. The LIME AWAY WITH CLR SAVED ME!

Apr 13, 2015
by: hal king

My b40 works great sometimes, other times I press brew button and a small amount of coffee comes out, I lift the lid close it and press brew again another small amount of coffee will com out. So I never know which it is going to be.
Thanks, Hal King

Apr 08, 2015
Reboot your Keurig
by: Anonymous

I was trying to rescale with vinegar when it suddenly quit working. I brewed 1.5 cups and it quit. I couldn't get it to do anything. I eventually turned it off unplugged it for 10 seconds, plugged it back in and like magic it was working again. :)

Apr 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice! I'm about to return my Keurig 2 when I stumbled unto this site. After 2mos of daily use. It suddenly stopped brewing coffee.. I followed the advice of cleaning the back needle w/ a paper clip, and voila!! My keurig 2 is now alive and kicking.

Apr 04, 2015
Thanks for sharing - it works now
by: anonymous

Got a 2.0 for Christmas -- the bottom needle has clogged previously and I learned how to unclog. Thanks to your sharing, I learned about doing the same to the top needle -- and now it seems to be working again. (The stuff that came out after running a water brew cycle is not very appealing.) I will definitely flush the system much more often. Thanks to all of you for sharing your comments.

Apr 02, 2015
a killer
by: Anonymous

The clogging thing on the new 2.0 is a killer for me. It's going back. Recommend company fix it. Big downer in my foggy morning

Mar 28, 2015
ditto on the bottom bang
by: DK

After much effort with the paper clip and syringe, I found the bottom bang to work perfectly. Should be advertised as a feature.

Mar 26, 2015
An email can work wonders
by: Anonymous

Mar 18, 2015
It worked!,!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe shaking and banging worked! It said de-scale, but wouldn't take water..... Thanks!!

Mar 17, 2015
Platinum brewer
by: cookie

Same problem, wouldn't brew-cleaned out needles....yada yada yada...finally told my son take it outside and shake the crap out of it. Well we did that (3) times and also had better than 50/50 vinegar in the tank. Well it finally took off and is cycling water through. Who would a thunk it!! Just glad it did. Love my Keurig and anything that will save it is a good thing. Actually my sons machine and he let it get too scaled up...

Mar 16, 2015
Keuring B60 "NOT READY" Reset
by: John

Wendy...your B60 "NOT READY" reset was a life saver here and much appreciate the posting. Had that same issue. Called Keurig and they said it was electrical can not be fixed. Offered to give me a deal on a new one since mine is out of warranty. We are brewing and wanted to thank you!

Mar 12, 2015
Fixed my Keurig B60 Model
by: Wendy

Got the dreaded blinking "Not Ready" flashing signal on my Keurig. Here's what worked. Press all three cup sizes at the same time and then hit the Menu button 3 times in a row. Keep the cup size buttons pressed (don't press them 3 times, just the menu button). Resets the machine!! Yay. Very happy.

Mar 12, 2015
It's too early for this!
by: Ethel and Fred

Cleaned, prodded with a paper clip, and finally beat it on the bottom and back. Water started flowing again. Please Keurig. Find a way to stop frustrating coffee drinkers. Hard to work on this machine without a cup of coffee in your hand!

Mar 08, 2015
Dispenses 2oz less than it should.
by: Marilyn

My 2.0 shorts the amount by 2 oz. was going to return it, then when visiting my sister I checked her brand new one and it does the same thing. Called customer service and a very nice girl had me do some steps including cleaning the BACK needle. It did not work, so she is sending a maintainance tool to use. They are great.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Mar 06, 2015
It Really Worked
by: A B

Fix for most messages
by: Jeff Parks

Found out my original fix of resetting the Keurig by pressing the 2 small buttons and holding in the menu button until it powers down n turns back on there by resetting the CPU actually helps with a few other message flashing issues by just resetting the unit. Not saying it's a fix all. I am sure the message will come back if there is really an issue triggering the warning. Try the reset with all Keurig models, just press and hold down buttons.

It really did work!
Customer service said they never heard of such a thing.

Haha! Emgineers

Mar 03, 2015
clogged keirig k60
by: Anonymous

My coffee maker would try to make coffee (pump would go on and off three times and then stop - no coffee). I opened up the top (so that you could add a kcup) and looked up under the top where the needle punctures the kcup. I insert a paper clip about 2 inches up into the needle. I brewed a cup of coffee without a kcup. Lots of crud came out. Now it works fine. I use the reusable filter. Perhaps this causes premature clogging of the needle as my coffee maker is not that old. Yahoo!!!

Mar 01, 2015
it worked!
by: Anonymous

It took 3 times...3 beatings on the bottom but it finally worked!! Unreal! Thank you!

Mar 01, 2015
Doesn't brew and de scaling indicator stays on
by: Anonymous

We have a platinum B70 and it won't brew coffee and the de scaling indicator won't turn off
I do descale regularly but it won't brew coffee
I've tried the paperclip trick and still no success
Frustrated now

Mar 01, 2015
Keurig 2.0
by: Anonymous

I woke up this morning to a drip drip and 5 min later finally got a cup of coffee. After that i wouldn't brew at all. So i took the advice of previous post and cleaned out the puncture pin and presto a full brew like it should. Thanks for the tips it helped.

Feb 28, 2015
Keurig 2.0 worst design ever for Keurig
by: Anonymous

1. In Keurig's attempt to recapture the coffee market, they really screwed up this machine. The needle clogs with coffee grinds very easily, keep a paperclip nearby to ream it out now and then.

2. It drips after brewing, 3 or 4 drips is very typical. Leave your cup under it for another minute if you want to avoid the coffee stains on your counter.

3. The cup size is small, which means the 12 oz cup you were used to getting with the other Keurig machines means you either have to press the brew button twice. They get to sell more coffee if you elect to simply brew another cup.

I regret buying it.

Feb 27, 2015
Thank y'all.
by: Anonymous

Coffee grinds in the top needle was tthe problem. I used a small paper clip to clear the small opening. Thanks again.

Feb 27, 2015
Keurig 60
by: MaeAnonymous

Have had my K60 a little over a year, and when I turned it on recently there was no power. Tried different switches still no power. Can suggestions?

Feb 26, 2015
by: Peggu

Almost had a meltdown after a tough work day. Just wanted a cup of coffee. The Keurig said, Not today, ma'am. I found this site, said what have I got to lose and beat the heck out of it. Keurig said, Here's you coffee, ma'am! Thanks, all!

Feb 24, 2015
slow brew
by: chris

2.0 was brewing slow as dirt,used a floss softpick on the kcup pierceing needle
works fine

Feb 20, 2015
Thank you!! Works perfect
by: Anonymous

I cleaned the needle thing and it started working again! No abuse needed 😊
I used a pipe cleaner type thing that came with my new toothbrush and I cant believe the stuff that came out.

Thanks again!

Feb 19, 2015
B 77 switch will not stay on
by: VAP

suddenly the on-off switch will not stay in the on position. won't start

Feb 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

The needle thing saved my life this morning with my 2.0

Feb 15, 2015
need help
by: Jennifer

Our Platinum machine has the "not ready" error- no blue lights- tried the flip, shake, and slap- nothing. Any other ideas?

Feb 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

I had great hope when I found this site. Reading others issues that were exactly like mine. I continued reading. I've flipped and smacked, repeatedly, no change. I've shook, then smacked again, with no change. I've even tried holding down different buttons with no results. My Keurig Platinum still doesn't work.

Feb 11, 2015
Thanks, the flip, slap and shake worked!
by: Merryll

Mine was stuck with all 3 blue lights lit but not flashing. Tried the flip it over, slap it and shake it and it WORKED!

Feb 08, 2015
Thank you!!
by: Sherri

You saved my life and I was ready to beat the hell outta my brand new Kuerig! It was that tiny hole plugged up where it punctures top of the K cups! Brews like a dream now!

Feb 03, 2015
Please wait hot do not lift
by: Anonymous

the please wait do not lift message won't go away after its done brewing, just drips water. I've had this for only a month... Only way to brew a second cup is my unplugging and plugging back in. Help please

Jan 28, 2015
cloged water jet
by: Rick

I to was having problems with my new 2.0 coffee brewer. The writers were absolutely correct. The pin that pierces the top of the k cup was plugged. I cleared it with a pin and water and grounds rushed out.
Problem fixed, much to my relief. It's not easy to see at first but I tilted the machine back and used a LED headlamp to see what I was doing.

Jan 23, 2015
Keurig 2.0 power button help
by: Anonymous

I got the 2.0 as a replacement for my premium one and now the power button will not work to shut off the machine after brewing but I works no problem turning the machine on. It brews fine. Just trying to see if anyone else has had this issue with it.

Jan 20, 2015
another clogged needle
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the fix! Followed posted advice & ours is working again!

Jan 16, 2015
Handle stuck
by: Anonymous

The handle of the Keurig won't come down to make coffee. It won't move.

Jan 08, 2015
Keurig 2.0 stuck in preheating
by: Anonymous

Called customer service ... very nice. You need to have the silver handle all the way down ... worked for me. Hope this helps.

Dec 08, 2014
Add water button won't go off
by: Anonymous

My Kerig won't brew. The add water button stays on

Dec 05, 2014
heat light somes on and quickly shuts off - no coffee
by: Anonymous

The heat light comes on when you first turn the power on and then quickly shuts off . .thus no coffee, Can you help me?

Oct 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

The suggestion of spanking the Kahrig worked!

Oct 01, 2014
I don't believe it, it worked!
by: Clinton-Paul

I had the 'Not Ready' issue.
I did what everyone here suggested:
1. unplug the k60
2. take off the water reservoir
3. take it to the sink
4. turn it upside down
5. whack it
6. put everything back on
7. plug it in
and it works!

Aug 19, 2014
wrong telephone number
by: Anonymous

you gave the phone for green mountain coffee, not the keurig brewer system. 866-901-2739.

Apr 23, 2014
sequence of events!!
by: mike r

I just got a keurig, and was only able to brew ONe cup after the initial clean .. my wife couldn't get it to work, and it was purchased for her to use!! I didn't think it was defective .. but .. I tried the slap the bottom thing, still wouldn't brew! Then I went back and tried it again .. that's when I asked her if she'd put the pod in before she turned the unit on. She had. THAT was the problem.

The sequence is supposed to go like THIS:

1. Turn the machine on (I don't think leaving it on is necessary, it heats up faster than our old electric kettle!), and wait until it says READY TO BREW.
2. Lift the handle and open the pod lid.
3. THEN put the pod in and close the lid.
4. The lights flashed as they SHOULD HAVE!

Aug 04, 2011
keurig coffemaker
by: Anonymous

Well, add me to the list--I have had this piece of crap for only 19 months. I have descaled and I ran vinegar through it and nothing. I am totally disappointed with this coffeemaker. I will never purchase another Keurig or anything related to this company.

Editor's Note: Read the comments here. You may find the "slap and burp" approach works for your machine.

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    Drinking and enjoying gourmet coffee from whole beans has changed our lives in many subtle ways, whether we grind and brew at home, or drink our coffee in coffee shops.

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  5. Ceramic vs Steel burr coffee grinders.

    QUESTION: I normally use a French Press and just yesterday bought an Aeropress. It's just my husband and I at home, but for when company comes I was

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