Organic K-Cups – how to find the best organic K-cup coffee for your Keurig Brewer.

Yes, you can buy organic K-cups. In fact, there’s quite a choice, largely because the biggest producer of K-cups, Green Mountain Coffee, has a strong commitment to socially responsible business practices.

They support a number of non-profit causes, and go to some lengths to involve their employees in the coffee growing communities they buy from.

Where to buy your organic K-cup coffee...

First stop is Green Mountain Coffee. They have good selection, including Newman’s Own organic and fair trade coffees in K-cups.

But there are other places you can try as well.

To make life a little simpler, we have put together an page, featuring organic K-cup coffees from a variety of different suppliers.

If you’re thinking “green”, what about those plastic cups?

We find a bit of a conflict here. It’s great to choose organic coffee over coffee treated with artificial pesticides and other chemicals. But if you are also environmentally conscious, the plastic cups in which K-cup coffee is packaged might give you pause for thought.

When you buy K-cups, there is a LOT of packaging to throw away. Particularly when compared to buying a brown paper bag of whole beans.

Fortunately there is a way in which you can brew organic coffee in your Keurig brewer, and also avoid the extra packaging.

Get yourself a My K-Cup Coffee Filter. You simple buy organic coffee by the pound, grind it, fill your my K-Cup and put it into the brewer.

It’s true, you have to clean it after each use, and fill it again with ground coffee before you brew, but it is a much more environmentally friendly way to enjoy organic K-cup coffee.

Find out more about organic fair trade coffee...

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