3 Ways to save money on coffee at home, without compromising on quality.

As you may have noticed, coffee prices have been going up a lot recently.

But before we get into saving money on coffee, let me clarify something.

I’m not talking about finding the cheapest coffee possible. If you want to do that, go to Costco and buy the largest container of the cheapest coffee you can find.

But if you still want to enjoy quality coffee at home, there are some ways to cut your costs.

Step one is to make a note of how much you are spending right now. Figure out what you pay for coffee during the course of a week. Also, keep an eye on how much coffee you pour down the sink. This applies in particular if you use a drip brewer.

Once you have done that, you can look at these three ways to cut back on your costs, without compromising on the quality of your brew.

#1: Take a close look at your brewing method.

Some brewing methods cost more than others. For example, making coffee with a single serve coffee maker is going to cost you more per cup than any other brewing method.

Even within the single serve brewers, there are differences in costs. At the less expensive end are the coffee pod brewers. At the high end are the beverage brewing systems like the Keurig, the Tassimo, the Nespresso and others.

A coffee pod is less expensive than a K-Cup, capsule, disc or other single-serve plastic container.

You’ll always save money by using a more traditional brewing system, such as a French press, a filter cone or even a drip brewer.

But then, of course, you would have to give up the convenience of single cup brewing. Decisions, decisions.

#2: Sign up for a coffee club.

Signing up for a coffee club saves you money on your coffee, and you get home delivery.

There are numerous coffee clubs out there, but the two I know best are Green Mountain Coffee's Cafe EXPRESS, and the Peet’s Peetniks Club.

With Green Mountain Coffee Roasters you can not only save on loose coffee, but also on K-Cups.

Find some good, but lower-priced coffee blends.

Buying good coffee is a bit like buying good wine. On special occasions you might splurge on a really good wine. But most of the time you choose a decent wine you know you’ll appreciate and enjoy.

It’s the same with coffee. On special occasions you can serve an outstanding, single-origin coffee. (You can even designate Sunday mornings as special occasions, if you want.)

But for the rest of the week, find a lower-cost blend that is better than regular supermarket coffee, but won’t cost you as much as your favorite.

Summing up…

The first step towards saving money of coffee is always to stop buying at high-end coffee shops and start brewing your own gourmet coffee at home.

Having done that, if you still need to cut back, choose one or more of the three suggestions about.

All that said…make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of your brew. The whole idea here is to spend less, but still make great coffee.

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